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Long Pending issues & ongoing agitation – Income Tax Employees and Officers Associations


Long Pending issues & ongoing agitation – Income Tax Employees and Officers Associations

No. 2/2018-19

Dated, 9th July, 2018

The Presidents/General Secretaries
of all the Units/Circles of ITGOA and ITEF

Dear Comrades,
Sub : Long Pending issues & ongoing agitation – regarding

As decided earlier by the Central JCA to embark upon the path of agitation on various issues affecting the membership of the JCA from 17th May 2018, all the affiliated units have participated in the agitation programme and successfully completed the first phase of agitation. It was due to the unified agitation of the members of the JCA, the CBDT had invited the JCA for a discussion on 26th June 2018 on the charter of demands. Though the meeting lasted more than 2(two) hours but no such concrete/positive assurances were received from the Chairman, CBDT regarding resolving of the issues at the earliest. On 27th June 2018 the matter was discussed in the Central JCA meeting held at Civic Centre, Delhi. The meeting threadbarely discussed the outcome of the meeting with the Chairman, CBDT and was of the opinion to continue the ongoing agitation till the minutes of the meeting is made available to the JCA. It was further decided that on receipt of the minutes, further intensification of the agitation would be decided, if necessary.

As per the decision of the meeting, we have persuaded with the Authorities of the CBDT for issuing the minutes immediately but the same was till awaited. Moreover, we have also observed that some of the issues on which positive assurances were given by the Chairman, CBDT, there were no progress. Considering the impasse continuing in the Board on resolving the issues we have no other alternative but to intensify the agitation.

Accordingly, as per the decision of the Central JCA meeting dated 27th June 2018 authorising the Joint Convenors to suggest for the intensification of the agitation, it is now decided to mount Phase-II of our agitation from 23rd July 2018. It was further decided to submit the same to the Chairman, CBDT informing him about the intensification of the agitational programme if the issues did not get resolved by 20th July 2018. It was further decided to hold Press meet on 20th July 2018 by all the Circles/Units at their respective headquarters for wider publicity of the issues relating to genuine grievances of the officers and employees of the Department. A press note in this regard will be forwarded by Central JCA to all Circles/Units in due time. The Central JCA will also undertake mobilisation programme from 16th to 20th July, 2018 and all Unit leadership are requested for extensive campaigning in all offices of respective Regions for implementation of the following programme successfully.

The next phase of agitation will be as under :- JULY 2018 ONWARDS

1) Lunch Hour Demonstration on 23rd July, 2018 in all stations;

2) To boycott Income Tax Day on 24th July 2018 and observing Black Day by wearing Black Ribbons. The members of JCA will not participate in any meeting of the committee that may be constituted for organising this programme immediately after issuance of the Circular of JCA.

3) Black Flag Demonstration on visiting Chairman/Members of CBDT and Officials of Directorates in all income tax offices where they visit. Boycott Outreach programme/Seminar by Officers/Officials (visit to Schools, TDS seminar etc.)

4) Not to attend office on Saturday , Sunday & Holidays by the JCA members.

5) Not to attend any duty in the nature of protocol duty by members of JCA


1) Non-participation in the Search and seizure operation, Survey including TDS & recovery Survey and spot verification;

2) Mass squatting programme by Office Bearers and Committee Members of the JCA in front of the Chamber/Conference Hall whenever the Video Conference takes place.

3) Observing Day Long Fasting on 9th August, 2018 from 10 AM to 5 PM by the Office Bearers and Committee Members of the JCA at all stations of PCCIT/CCIT/PCIT.

4) Half-a-day (from 2 PM) Walk Out on 28th August 2018.


One day Token Strike on 12TH September, 2018 by the members of the JCA. It was also decided that the Central JCA will meet again to take stock of the situation during the month of August, 2018. All the units of the JCA are requested to ensure implementation of the aforementioned agitational programme in case of non-settlement of the issues within 20th July 2018.

It was also decided that in many regions the local administration had constituted committees for celebration of the Income Tax Day on 24th July 2018. As we have already decided to boycott the Income Tax Day celebration hence we appeal to all our members who were nominated in the committees should not extend any co-operation in this respect. We are hopeful that with the cent percentage participation of all the units and members, the issues above will reach to a logical end.

With revolutionary greetings,

Yours fraternally,
(AmitavaDey) (RupakSarkar)
Joint Convenors


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Dress Code prescribed for Income Tax Employees

Dress Code prescribed for Income Tax Employees

Phone No.011-23379596/23379245; FAX 011-23378668


Dated: 02.03.2018

Office Order

Reg: Dress Code prescribed for Income Tax Employees

The Income Tax Department strives to maintain a workplace environment that is well functioning and maintain high standard of conduct and decorum. As part of that effort, the Department requires employees to maintain a neat, clean and formal appearance that is appropriate for the workplace setting.

It if often seen that a large number of employees, especially the younger members of the department come dress casually for the office, which is unexpected of them.

All the Officers/Officials/ staff members should be attired in appropriate, formal, clean, modest and decent clothes. Casual and party attire should be strictly avoided during appearance in office. Any staff member who does not meet the attire, will be subject to corrective action and may be asked to leave the premises to change clothing.

This issues with the prior approval of the competent authority.

(Divya Vashishta)
Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, (Hqrs.) (Admn.)
New Delhi.

Source: Confederation


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Grand Success of Income Tax Employees Strike held on 8.10.2015 – JCA Circular

Grand Success of Income Tax Employees Strike held on 8.10.2015 – JCA Circular

A-2/95, Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027

Joint Convenors :

Rupak Sarkar

Bhaskar Bhattacharya

No. N-1/2015-16

Dated: 09th October, 2015

The Presidents/General Secretaries,
Of all the Units of ITGOA and ITEF.

Dear Comrades,

Sub: The call for Agitation

A Red Salute to all the members of JCA for making the Strike on 08-10-2015 a grand success in the entire Tax-India. The reports of the whole-hearted participation of members of ITGOA and ITEF from all regions across the country are very encouraging. The agony and frustration of our members were expressed against the indifferent and partisan attitude of the CBDT towards the just demands of 97% of officers/officials of the Department in a very disciplined and organised manner making virtual closures of the Income Tax Offices in the entire country. The Joint Council of Action felt that the agitation programmes and strike action are in the national interest in as much as early resolution to the problems by the intervention of the political authority will bring about a conducive climate to concentrate on tax collection and other statutory duties of the Department and this fact was properly been taken into the notice of the print & electronic media all over the country.

We, on behalf of the Central JCA, once again congratulate the leaders of all the Units/Circles of ITGOA/ITEF for their herculean efforts that has ensured such a grand success to the said strike.

With fraternal greetings,

Yours comradely,

(Bhaskar Bhattacharya) (Rupak Sarkar)
Joint Convenors


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Cabinet approved CBEC Cadre Restructuring

Cabinet approved CBEC Cadre Restructuring

Union cabinet finally approved cadre restructuring in CBEC. The cabinet today approved additional posts as cleared by the committee of secretaries.

Congratulation to all employees of CBEC.

Further details are awaited..!

The long awaited CBEC Cadre Restructring Proposal has been approved by Cabinet on 5th December 2013. Central Board of Excise and Customs, an arm of Finance Ministry that implements Indirect Tax Laws for collection of Central Excise Duty , Customs Duty and Service Tax in the country. With this CBEC Cadre Restructuring approval, the present total posts of 66608 will be augmented with additional 18067 posts.
While full details of Cabinet approved CBEC Cadre Restructuring proposal is yet to be published officially, a sum-up of key points flashed in media is as follows

1. 18067 Additional Posts to be created.

2. Out if this 18067 posts, 989 posts will be for Group ‘A’ officials such as Chief Commissioner, Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners. The remaining will be for Group B, C and other category consisting of Superintendents, Inspectors, Havildars and field staffs.

3. 2,118 temporary posts to be created for a period of five years. Creation of these temporary posts would rectify stagnation in Superintendent Cadre as they would be promoted to Group A cadre (as Assistant Commissioners)

4. The whole exercise is expected to be completed in the next two years.

5. Creation of additional posts would involve additional expenditure of Rs 774 crore, However, it will help in collecting indirect taxes to the tune of around Rs 68,000 crore annually.

The Hindu Business Line news by Shishir Sinha in this regard:-

Over 18,000 additional posts to be created in Indirect Tax wing

The Indirect Tax wing of the Finance Ministry, consisting of Custom, Excise and Service Tax Department, will get over 18,000 new recruits.
This is a part of cadre restructuring proposal of the Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC) as approved by the Cabinet on Thursday.
The move is expected to help boost revenue collections, as additional posts will be created.
“Indirect tax personal strength has not been expanded since 2002, while revenue target and collection are increasing every year which highlighted the need for restructuring,” a senior Government official told Business Line.

According to the official, a total of 18,067 additional posts will be created. Out of this, 989 posts will be for Group ‘A’ officials such as Chief Commissioner, Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners. The remaining will be for Group B, C and other category consisting of Superintendents, Inspectors, Havaldars and field staffs. Currently, the sanctioned strength of CBEC is 66,808.
It has also been decided to create 2,118 temporary posts for five years.
“This will enable Superintendent-level personal to get promoted to Group A officer as Assistant Commissioner,” the official said adding that there has been stagnation at this rank. This, along with filing up of cascading vacancies, will clear stagnation up to 2010 batches partially.
The whole exercise is expected to be completed in the next two years.

Although, creation of additional posts will involve an expenditure of approximately Rs 774 crore, it will help in collecting around Rs 68,000 crore annually.
In May this year, the Cabinet had approved creating 20,751 additional posts in the Income Tax Department in various cadres to help in increasing revenue.
It was said that expected expenditure of Rs 450 crore is likely to bring more than Rs 25,000 crore of revenue per annum.
Cadre restructuring of CBEC is taking place at a time, when the Finance Ministry has set a target of Rs 5.65 lakh crore indirect tax collections for 2013-14 which is 19 per cent higher than 2012-13.
However, indirect taxes grew by juts over 5 per cent in first seven months (April-October) in the current fiscal.

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Cadre Restructuring of IT Department: DPCs for filling up vacancies are likely to be held shortly.

Cadre Restructuring of IT Department: DPCs for filling up vacancies are likely to be held shortly.

F. No. A-3201115/2013-DT/Per
Govt. of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue

North Block, New Delhi
Date: 12.07.2013.

All Chief Commissioners of income Tax (CCAs).

Subject: Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department —regarding.

Madam, Sir,
I am directed to refer to the above cited subject and to state that as you are aware that consequent upon the approval of the Cabinet for additional Manpower for Income Tax Department, DPCs for filling up of vacancies are likely to be held shortly.  It is therefore requested that appropriate actions towards completion of ACR dossiers of the officers under your charge, who may fall under zone of considerations for promotion to the next higher grades, may please be taken up on priority. Besides, officer concerned may also please be. advised to ensure that their ACR dossiers are complete in all respect.

Yours faithfully,

(Brij Mohan)
Under Secretary to the Govt, of India


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Highlights of IT Cadre Restructuring: Proceeding of the meeting held on 5.07.2013

Highlights of IT Cadre Restructuring: Proceeding of the meeting held on 5.07.2013

Proceedings of the meeting of Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in the Income Tax Department held at Civic Centre, New Delhi on 5th July, 2013.

A meeting of the all Cadre control Authorities, members of the Core Committee and Sub-committees was held in Delhi at the Conference Hall of the Civic Center at 10:00 A.M. on 5th July, 2013 to familiarize all concerned with the details of the Cadre Restructuring proposals and discuss the terms of reference of each Sub-committee for coordinating implementation of the cadre restricting in the Income Tax Department. The meeting was chaired by the Honible Member(P&V), CBDT.


2.    The meeting opened with the welcome address of the DGIT(HRD) followed by the inaugural address by the Hontle Member(P&V).

3.    Hon’ble Member(P&V), in her inaugural address, briefed the participants about the sterling efforts of the officers which resulted in the approved Cadre Restructuring. The highlights of her address were:

(i)   All due procedures have to be followed for the implementation of the restructuring.

(ii) The CCsIT(CCA) must necessarily involve employees of Group A, B and C of the Department, after consulting with the IRS, ITGOA and ITEF, for constituting appropriate Implementation Committees for examining and formulating their recommendations.

(iii)    All efforts should be made to complete the restructuring entirely in the calender year 2013.

(iv)    The imperative for higher revenue collection (of additional revenue collection of Rs. 25,756 crores per annum) viz a viz the Cadre Restructuring and attendant creation of new posts in the department. Despite the additional efforts required for implementing the restructuring, the high revenue target must not be lost sight of. The CBDT is committed to deliver oh the revenue collection.

(v)    There should be an effort to create an Income Tax Office in every district of India, while drawing up the implementation plan for restructuring.

(vi)    While projecting workload in the region, due care should be taken by CCAs to prepare an accurate requirement of workload and posts required.

4.    The following are the highlights of the proceedings
(i) A presentation on “Cadre Restructuring- A Perspective” was made by Sh.B.K.Jha, DIT-I (HRD). In gist, it dealt with the background of the Cadre Restructuring and the road ahead. Various recommendations of the Cadre Restructuring Committee about the future structure of the Department were informed to the House, including creation of 620 posts of Reserves for the first time.

The House agreed that that where flexibility in distribution of the new posts is possible, there should be keeping in view, inter alia, the various factors like workload, revenue potential and the outcome of the recommendations of the various Sub-committees set-up for the purpose inter-alia.

(ii) A presentation on “Terms of reference: Responsibilities of Core Committee and Sub-committees” by Shri B.K. Jha, DIT (HRD) on the terms of reference, responsibility of the Core Committee and Sub-committees formed for the specific purpose of implementation of the cadre restructuring proposal. The important points highlighted are:

  • The entire work allocated to the seven Sub-committees must be completed within the time lines i.e. three months.
  • An initial report about the road map of the task to be completed by each Sub- committee should be sent to the Core Committee within a period of 2 weeks from the date of issue of the order constituting committee.
  • Periodic reports are to be Submitted by all the Sub¬committees to the Core Committee on the progress made in the areas assigned to the concerned Sub¬committees.
  • The Member-Secretary of the Sub-committees, who are all officers of the HR Directorate, will the points of first contact of the Sub-committees with the Directorate.
  • The Chairmen of the Sub-committees may; co-opt other members and also constitute working groups responsible for carrying out task assigned to the each committee.
  • The Chairman of the Sub-committee may also ensure that each group coordinates with the concerned CCA in their respective area of work and obtains necessary input from all CCIT (CCA) regions.
  • CCsIT(CCA) must not only operate their Implementation Committee, but also provide data to the Sub-committees, as required by the latter.
  • A Nodal officer at each CCIT (CCA) region may be nominated urgently by the Chairman of the respective Sub-committees, in consultation with the CCsIT(CCA), who woLild-” responsible for providing the required inputs.
  • Issues of Budgetary requirement and delegation of financial powers on the issue of creation of infrastructure for additional manpower etc., may be highlighted in the interim reports of the Sub- committees.
(iii)    A presentation on “Implementation Plan” was made by Shri Manoj Joshi, erstwhile DIT(HRD)-II, which dealt, inter alia, on the number of posts sanction by Cabinet, the terms of sanction, the timelines of implementation, and the linkages between the various function Sub-committees.

(iv)    DGIT(HRD), in his winding up address, informed that a list of issues which have been now frozen due to approvals/directions at higher levels will be intimated to the Sub-committees. Subcommittees may give their recommendations on other issues, while keeping ‘in view the recommendations of the Cadre review Committee. A portal will be provided to the Sub-committees and CCsIT (CCA) to provide suggestions.

5. The vote of thanks was delivered by Shri Debjyoti Das, DIT-II(FIRD).


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Restructuring of the IT(Income Tax) Department

Restructuring of the IT(Income Tax) Department


Press Information Bureau
Government of India

Ministry of Finance

23-May, 2013 20:25 IST

Restructuring of the Income Tax Department

The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for creation of 20,751 additional posts in the Income Tax Department in various cadres that is 1349 additional posts in the IRS cadre and 19,402 additional posts in the non-IRS cadres. This will help the Income Tax Department collect increased revenue and provide better tax payers services.

An additional expenditure of Rs. 449.71 crore per annum is likely to be incurred on creation of additional posts and upgradation of some existing posts. This additional expenditure would be more than compensated by the increased revenue of more than Rs. 25,000 crore per annum proposed to be generated as a result of this exercise.

Source: PIB News

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All India Strike 2013 Latest News:Income Tax Employees all over the country will be going 2 days strike

All India Strike 2013 Latest News:Income Tax Employees all over the country will be going 2 days strike

All India strike on 20th & 21st February, 2013


Two days strike by Central Govt. Employees alongwith other sections of Working class.

The Income Tax Employees all over the country will be going 2 days strike action on 20th & 21st February, 2013, as per the call given by the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers. The strike is in pursuance of the 15-point charter of demands formulated by the Confederation and also in support of the common issues as per the Charter of demands submitted by the joint trade union movement of the country.

This historic 2-days strike action is going to be the biggest ever strike action of the Indian working class on the common issues arising out of the neo-liberal economic policies  being pursued by the UPA-II Govt. which has resulted in sky rocketing prices of essential commodities and withdrawl of subsidies provided to the poor and common man of this country. The Workers are being exploited in the name of contractorisation, privatisation and outsourcing. The Pension is being privatised with the introduction of new Pension scheme and allowing FDI in Pension. In such a situation the workers are left with no other alternative but to go on a united struggle to oppose these anti-people policies. We call upon all our members to ensure that the strike slated for 20th & 21st February, 2013 is made a total success.

source :

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