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LDC to UDC Upgradation – Railway Board Report


LDC to UDC Upgradation – Railway Board Report


Action taken report on the minutes of the standing Committee National Council JCM held on 03.05.2017

Minutes – Reacting to the comment made by the official side, the staff side pointed out that prima-facie, on introduction of computerized functioning in almost all departments, the functions assigned to LDCs have become redundant.

Decision – What is required is to get the report from each department and take a conscious decision, as LDC is a common category.

Report of the Ministry of Railways (OM dated 01.12.2017)

In view of functional requirement of Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) and promotional aspects of MTS, proposal to abolish and upgrade all posts of LDCs (LDC now as Junior Secretariat Assistant) to UDCs (now called as Senior Secretariat Assistant) may not be recommended and besides this, RBSCS is patterned on the lines of the CSCS and the existing system is working well, unless there is any change in CSCS, no change is desirable in RBSCS. 7th CPC has also not provided upgradation of to LDCs; therefore to abolish and upgrade all posts of LDCs to UDCs is considered not feasible.

Source: Confederation

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7th CPC Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor: Confederation writes to NJCA

7th CPC Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor: Confederation writes to NJCA


Ref: Confdn/Genl/2016-19

Dated: 14.03.2018

1. Shri M. Raghavaiyya
National Joint Council of Action of JCM (NC) Staff Side organisations (NJCA) & General Secretary
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Leader Staff side NC (JCM)
3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi – 110055

2. Shri Shiv Gopal Misra
Convenor, NJCA & General Secretary
All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF) & Secretary, Staff side,
National Council (Staff Side) JCM
13- C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi – 110001

Dear Comrade,
As you may be aware the Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, has given the following written reply in Parliament for a question asked to Minister of Finance, regarding our demand – “Increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment Formula”.

Reply given by Minister of state for Finance:

“The minimum pay of Rs.18000/- p.m. and fitment factor of 2.57 are based on the specific recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission in the light of the relevant factors taken into account by it. Therefore, no change therein is at present under consideration”.

From the above it is crystal clear that Govt. has gone back from the assurance given on 30.06.2016 by Group of Ministers including Sri Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister and Shri Suresh Prabhan, then Railway Minister, that Minimum Pay and Fitment formula will be increased and for that purpose a High Level Committee will be appointed to submit report within four months.

Now that Govt. has gone back from its assurance, I on behalf of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers, which is a constituent organisation of NJCA, request you revive our deferred agitational programmes immediately and for that purpose, if necessary, an urgent meeting of the NJCA may be convened.

Awaiting response,

Yours fraternally,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
Mob: 0944768125

Source: Confederation

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Grant of Tough Location Allowance to Central Government Employees of Darjeeling

Grant of Tough Location Allowance to Central Govt. Employees of Darjeeling

Consider grant of any kind of Special Duty Allowance/Tough Location Allowance/High Altitude Allowance as a special case

Ref: Confdn/Genl/2016-19

Dated : 14.03.2018


The Secretary
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi – 110001


Sub:  Grant of Tough Location Allowance to Central Govt. Employees of Darjeeling.

This is to bring to your kind notice that Hill Compensatory Allowance (HCA) was being paid till June 2017 to the employees of Darjeeling. Unfortunately HCA has been withdrawan from the month of July 2017 onwards after implementation of 7th CPC Allowance Committee report. However, the neighbouring state, Sikkim is still getting the Special Compensatory Allowance (SCA). It is worth mentioning that Darjeeling and Sikkim share same type of terrain, alongwith climatic conditions. It is further to mention here that the employees of some hill areas viz; Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, comparatively similar to Darjeeling Hills, are enjoying Tough Location Allowance (TLA). But the employees of Darjeeling are deprived of both the Tough Location Allowance (TLA) and Special Compensatory Allowance (SCA).

Darjeeling being the world famous tourist spot and the “Queen of Hills” is one of the expensive place to live in as all the basic commodities are to come from Siliguri, which is a ‘Y’ category city with 16% HRA. This has led the employees of Darjeeling being economically handicapped with the removal of Hill Compensatory Allowance.

In view of the above, I request you to review the orders withdrawing the Allowance already enjoyed by the employees of Darjeeling, and Consider grant of any kind of Special Duty Allowance/Tough Location Allowance/High Altitude Allowance as a special case, considering the geographical, climatical and economical hardship faced by the employees.

Awaiting response,

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
& Member, Standing Committee
National Council (JCM)
Mob: 09447168125

Source: Confederation

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Application of Very Good bench mark for grant of Financial upgradation under MACPS

Application of “Very Good” bench mark for grant of Financial upgradation under MACPS

Ref: Confdn/Genl/2016-19

Dated – 14.03.2018


The Secretary
Department of Personnel & Training
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension
North Block, New Delhi – 110001


Sub:-  Application of “Very Good” bench mark for grant of Financial upgradation under MACPS.

DOP&T vide OM No. 35034/3/2015-Estt (D) dated 28.09.2016 had clarified that with effect from 25.07.2016, for grant of financial upgradation under MACPS, the prescribed bench mark would be “Very Good” for all posts. It is also clarified that there is no question of allowing second opportunity of representation against APAR as these are already disclosed to the employees in APAR process.

Notwithstanding our demand for withdrawal of “Very Good” bench marking condition for MACPS, it is submitted as follows:

Since the earlier “Good” bench mark for MACPS was applicable upto 25.07.2016, the employee having “Good” grading in their APARs for the previous years before 25.07.2016 may not have had a reason to represent gradings given, as they met the then prescribed criteria of bench marking for MACPS. Now since the benchmark for MACPS has been raised to “Very Good”, there is justification to allow the employees having “Good” or below grading for a period of five years APAR grading immediately preceding the cut-off date ibid an opportunity to represent against the same.

Considering the above aspect, it is requested that employees who had been awarded “Good” or below grading in their previous five years APARs may be given an opportunity, as one time measure, to represent against the same.

In fact, Railway Board, Ministry of Railways had already granted such an opportunity to its employees as a one-time measure vide Railway Board letter No. E(NG)/1-2018/CR/2 dated 27.02.2018.

Awaiting favourable response.

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
& Member, Standing Committee
National Council JCM
Mob: 09447068125

Source: Confederation

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Option for Pay Fixation in Revised Pay Scale: Confederation


JCM national council, Staff Side, has demanded that under the existing orders the option to come over to revised pay structure from the date of promotion is available only for those employees who are promoted before 25.07.2016. The staff side has demanded that such an option of fixation of pay for coming over to revised pay scale may be given to employees promoted after 25.07.2016 also. The staff side has contended that not giving such an option to an employee who was due for promotion on a date after 25.07.2016 (say on 26.07.2016) will be discriminatory. Government has considered the demand and rejected. The following is the reply of the Finance Ministry, Department of Expenditure.

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
Mob: 09447068125


The position on action taken in respect of item regarding permission to opt for pay fixation in the revised pay structure on a date after the issue of CCS (RP) Rules 2016 (notification on 25.07.2016) in the case of employees whose promotion becomes due after 25.07.2016 is given below:

In the said item the staff side has demanded that under the existing orders the option to come over to revised pay scale from the date of promotion is available only for those employees who are promoted before 25.07.2016, the date of notification of CCS (RP) Rules 2016. The staff side has demanded that such an option of fixation of pay for coming over to revised pay scale may be given to employees promoted after 25.07.2016 also. The staff side has contended that not giving such an option to an employee who was due for promotion on 26.07.2016 (one day after the date of notification) and afterwards will be discriminatory.

The revised Pay rules contained in CCS (RP) Rules 2016 are effective from 01.01.2016. A person holding a particular post as on 01.01.2016 has an option to come over to revised pay scale applicable to that post either straight away on 01.01.2016 or from a date later than that such an option is clearly mentioned in provisio 1 and provisio 2 of Rule 5. A combined reading of provisio 1 and provisio 2 to Rule 5 provided that a Government Servant may elect to continue to draw pay in the existing pay structure until the date on which he earns his next or any subsequent increment in the existing pay structure or until he vacates his post or ceases to draw pay in the existing pay structure.

But, in cases where a Government servant has been placed in a higher grade pay or scale between 01.01.2016 and the date of notification of CCS (RP) Rules 2016 on account of promotion or upgradation, the Government servant may elect to switch over to the revised pay structure from the date of such promotion or upgradation.

Therefore the rules provide while in respect of post held by a Government Servant as on 01.01.2016, the concerned Government Servant may elect to come over to revised pay scale applicable to that post either from 01.01.2016 or from a date later than 01.01.2016, in case he is promoted to a post not held by him on 01.01.2016 on a date later than that, then he can opt to come over to revised pay scale from the date of promotion provided such promotion takes place between 01.01.2016 and the date of notification. Thus the date of notification of the Rules on 25.07.2016 which are effective from 01.01.2016 is the outer limit for option in cases the option is from date of promotion. The similar was the provisions in the Rules pertaining to the 6th CPC in terms of CCs (RP) Rules 2008. This is the fair and time tested rule, as it seeks to allow option in case of promotion during the retrospective effect of the Rules. There has to be outer date and that date is the date of notification of CCS (RP) Rules 2016, which is objective and of fair application. No such objective date beyond 25.07.2016 could be of fair application.

Accordingly it is not possible to agree to the demand of the staff-side.

Source: Confederation

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Another Blow to Central Government Employees – NDA Govt to Reject Arbitration Awards

Another Blow to Central Government Employees – NDA Govt to Reject Arbitration Awards

On 15.02.2018, Finance Minister, Sri Arun Jaitley has moved following resolutions in the Parliament to reject the two ARBITRATION AWARDS which are in favour of Central Govt Employees.

(1) Grant of HRA for the period from 01.01.1996 to 31.07.1997 based on revised pay.

(2) Revision of rates of Transport Allowance.

M. Krishnan
SG Confederation

Parliamentary Bulletin Part-II
No. 57541 Thursday, February 15, 2018 Legislative Section
Government Resolution
Shri Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs  has given notices of the following Resolutions which have been admitted:
  1. “That this House approves the proposal of the Government to reject the Award given on 6th April, 2004 by the Board of Arbitration in C.A. Reference Case No.2 of 2002, regarding grant of House Rent Allowance to the Central Government employees for the period from 01.01.1996 to 31.07.1997 at pre-revised rates but with reference to revised pay, in terms of Para 21 of the Scheme for the Joint Consultative Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration for Central Government employees (JCM) as the implementation of the Award which involves an expenditure of approximately Rs.1000 crores, will lead to diversion of scarce resources from development expenditure to non-productive expenditure and will, thus, adversely affect the National Economy.”

“That this House approves the proposal of the Government to reject the Award given on 24thNovember, 2005 by the Board of Arbitration (BoA) in C.A. Reference Case No.3 of 2004, regarding revision of rates of Transport Allowance to the Central Government employees in terms of Para 21 of the scheme for  Joint Consultative Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration, as the implementation of the BoA Award from the date of Award viz.24.11.2005 to 31.08.2008 which involves an expenditure of Rs.1232 crores, will lead to diversion of scarce resources from development expenditure to non-productive expenditure and will, thus, adversely affect the National Economy.”Desh Deepak Verma


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Joint Campaign of Confederation and AISGEF Against NPS and Outsourcing


The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

We, those who signed in this memorandum are state and Central Government Employees of the country. We may submit the following burning issues of the state and central Government Employees for your kind consideration and disposal.

The system of pension as a social security benefit to the employees in Government sector in India has been existing since the early British days. After independence the pension system was further improved and family pension was also introduced . The Defined pension scheme for the government employees is a well-built scheme as the best of all social security benefits for the employees and they are not required to contribute anything for pension.

Government of India introduced contributory pension to employees those who entered in government service on or after 1.1.2004 .Majority of the state Government s also introduced the same for their employees. The Contributory Pension Scheme is totally depend on the profit and loss in the share market and Government have no control on the fund and it has nothing to do with the welfare of the employees or any individual or even Government finances.

The concept of pension as elaborated by the 4th Central Pay Commission, is ‘Pensions to the former members of armed forces and civilian employees of Central Government is not by way of charity on an ex-gratia payment, or a purely social welfare measure was totally changed by . It is in the nature of a “right” which is enforced by the law”. Later the concept was further strengthened by the Land mark Judgement delivered by the Supreme Court in 1982 in a Writ Petition filed by D.S.Nakara Vs the Union of India. Supreme court declared that the Pension is not only compensation for loyal service rendered in the past but has also a broader significance in that it is a measure of socio-economic justice which inheres economic security in the fall of life .The PFRDA Act is against the earlier ruling of the Supreme Court on the employees’ Right to Defined Benefit Pension as cited earlier.

There is no assurance, for getting pension ,except market based guarantee in NPS. The stock markets have never remained consistently strong over a long period of time. This volatility of stock market is a cause of serious concern about the sustainability of the National Pension Scheme itself.

The transition from this Defined Benefit Pension System to the Defined Contribution Pension System will make civil services more unattractive. Majority of State Governments are reluctant to remit the employer’s contribution to the pension fund. There is no assurance in getting the pension to the employees and workers.

For all these reasons, particularly the cut in salary and pension of the employees, absence of Government guarantee for retirement benefits in the National Pension Scheme and the distinct possibility of a sustainable Defined Benefit Pension System along with extension of social security system for the unorganised sector, we are not in a position to accept the National Pension Scheme. We strongly urge that a more in depth factual and analytical discussion is essential on National Pension System.

Contract Labour is one of the acute form of unorganized labour. Under the system of contract labour, workers are employed on the contract basis. The contract worker is a daily wager or the daily wages are accumulated and given at the end of the month. Contract workers are paid much lower wages than they would be entitled to under direct employment. This system led to whole-scale exploitation of labour, and a series of demands were made before tribunals for the abolition of contract labour system.

The system of employing contract labour is prevalent in civil service and in the services sector. The civil service has a major role in the smooth functioning of a Democratic Government. As part of overall development of the society and increase in population, the civil service also must be extended its wing. Education, Health, Public Transport, Communication, Welfare measure to women and children are all developed much. Numerous job opportunities have created round the world in Government Service.

The regular appointment to government sector ceased. Instead contract employment started. As such it is seen that the number of regular employees in the civil service are decreasing day by day, whereas the number of daily waged/contract/outsourced employees are increasing . By this time all the centrally sponsored schemes also emphasis on contract appointment. All the flagship programmes of Government of India are implementing with Daily waged/Contract/Casual appointment.

Bypassing UPSC and State Public Service Commission and Employment Exchanges which are the main recruitment agencies for central and State Governments, Unemployment among the educated youth is the main reason for Contract Employment. On contract employment the appointment is for limited monthly income. This is a kind of exploitation of labour.

The Supreme Court of India in a Land mark Judgment ruled that temporary employees performing similar duties and functions as discharged by permanent employees are entitled to draw wages at par with similarly placed permanent employees. The principle must be applied in situations where the same work is being performed, irrespective of the class of employees. The constitutional principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’ has been upheld by the Supreme Court of India.

Hence we appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to take urgent measures to repeal the National Pension system and ensure defined pension to all employees and to regularise all Contract / Casual Employees and ensure equal wages for equal work for all employees including contract and casual employees. We appeal the Government of India to heed the demands of the employees in the country and take appropriate action in this regard.

New Delhi

Source: Confederation Of Central Government Employees

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Press Statement of AITUC – Budget 2018

Press Statement of AITUC – Budget 2018

Press Release

The following statement was issued to press today on budget by Ms. Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary, All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC)

NDA government budget fails to address the concerns of common man, unemployed and vulnerable sections.

The NDA Govt. budget presented by Finance Minister was more of a jugglery of words, manipulation of statistics and deceitful way of putting things to sell dreams once again without backing of concrete steps and actions needed to implement the statement of ‘intent’ made.

The Finance Minister ended with quote from Swamy Vivekanand but his budget was just opposed to what Swamy ji wanted India to emerge from as a powerful nation of working people to full fill their aspirations, and attain a life of dignity.

The budget once again gives huge concessions to the corporates and big businesses including on focus to foreign investments, and continued disinvestments of Public sector units to the tune of Rs. 80000 crores in the coming year. The Govt wants to be satisfied with certificate from International Monetary fund for the growth estimates, as the Govt once again appeared to be committed to tag India’s economy with International finance capital. Ease of Business continued to be the keyword.

Several heads were amalgamated & repeated across various projects while duplicating to show huge amounts of allocations which is far from truth. On the one hand side 100 percent FDI is being brought in animal husbandry and on the other side it is nearly lip service made in the budget to this sector & fisheries.

The Govt had failed to fulfill its election promise to raise income of farmers by one & half times and once again the lollypop is distributed on similar promise. Nothing serious emerged how to tackle agrarian crises which is accepted even by Economic Survey Report. Only grant of the loan limits are increased, from ten lakh crores to eleven lakh crores how to take farmers out of indebtedness is no where in sight. The amount announced is meager for creation of farmer markets and irrigation.

While speaking on Education, health & basic amenities it seemed the Finance Minister is addressing only the upper middle class, elites and not the vulnerable common man which constitutes more than 80% of population. Black board to digital board is talked but those who do not have black boards in schools or those who have no access to black boards are not in the agenda of government.

Some adjectives are added as usual to SC & ST population with inflated figures of four years as if it is for the year 2018 – 2019. The population figure is presented to appear as if all of them are going to hugely benefit.

The medical colleges are only the upgradation of existing ones, but are projected as if new colleges are coming out. Announcements on RSBY are made which would enhance the business of private hospitals and private insurance companies. But public health system is not addressed, even when health care is becoming out of reach of common man.

Cess is being increased on Education & Health which will further add to indirect taxation on common man. On the other side the tax concessions to corporate and big business continued in this budget also.

70 lakh jobs were lost after demonetization and Govt. is talking of creating only 17 lakh jobs. Another six crores of people are expected to loose livelihood in informal sector according to independent surveys& 17 lakhs formal jobs to be further lost says the same survey.

Talking of railways and airways, concern and needs of vast majority of people of public transportation are not addressed, once again the FM was playing to the gallery of elites and affluents.

The budget dodged the common people who are in misery due to price rise in essential commodities and the students youth of India who want good inexpensive education in govt. sector and the employment to live with dignity.

Released from AITUC headquarters

35-36, DDU Marg, Road Rouse Avenue, New Delhi


Source: Confederation

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Press Release

1st February 2018


The Union Budget 2018-19, presented by the Finance Minister of the Narendra Modi Govt today on a preliminary scrutiny, turns out to be deceptive one, meticulously articulated to misguide and confuse the people. The Budget is anti-workers, anti-people and also militates against the national interest. CITU condemns such an anti-people exercise.

The Budget remained liberal about extending concession to business houses. On the plea of supporting Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) the Budget extended the reduced corporate tax rate of 25% to companies having Rs 250 crore annual turnover. Is the turnover the right measure of identifying an MSME or the ‘capital deployed’ should categorise the MSME more honestly ? Will it really benefit the genuine MSMEs or allow the big players to corner the benefit ? However through such deceptive manner the burden on corporate houses has been reduced further by Rs 7000 crore while giving no relief to suffering millions reeling under post GST indirect tax burden. This along with other pro-corporate policy drives continued to remain the pattern of budget exercise of the Modi Govt in successive years of its governance pushing the entire country in the midst of extreme and obscene income inequality of one percent people cornering 73% of the national wealth. And yet the Govt will continue to call itself pro-poor.

Budget speech made no mistake in mentioning its resolve to extend the atrocious “fixed term employment” system to all the sectors consistent with its brazenly anti-worker pro-corporate drive for labour-law changes designed to impose slavery on the workers. While speaking lavishly about improving health, education and social welfare services toward universalisation, it remained totally negative in considering the long standing demands of about a crore workers working in its flagship scheme of NHM, Mid-day-Meal(MDM) and ICDS (Anganwadi) and other related central govt schemes of extending them at least the right to statutory minimum wages and attendant social security benefits. In fact the allocation under National Health Mission (NHM) has been reduced and on ICDS and MDM there are marginal increase that too for other expenditures. Such an attitude is utterly condemnable.

On employment generation also, the claim made in the budget speech is also not true. In fact, even as per official estimate, the net employment generation has turned negative in absolute term if job-losses owing to closure of factories/establishments during the period is taken into account. The claim of creation of 70 lakh jobs in the formal sector said to be based on the increase in number of EPFO data as touted by a so called “independent study” upheld by the Finance Minister is another hoax to confuse and misguide the people and a cruel joke on the several lakhs of unemployed. Rather every step of this Modi Govt is degenerating the employment situation in the country; and all concessions being given to business houses by the Govt including bearing the burden of employers contribution in EPF, allowing liberal income tax rebate to employers on account of wages paid to the newly employed workers etc is actually an arrangement of organized pilferage from the national exchequer by the employers’ class in complicity with the custodians of the said exchequer, without creating any employment whatsoever. Added to this has been the recent move of abolishing all posts in central govt establishment deliberately kept vacant for last five years, killing lakhs of employment positions.

The Budget speech has gone extremely lavish in pronouncing commitments for development of agriculture and rural development along with launching so many schemes, whereas budgetary allocation for 2018-19 both on account of Agriculture and Allied Services and Rural Development marked a marginal increase of Rs 9793 crore in nominal term meaning actually a decline both in real terms and also as a percentage of GDP and total budgetary allocations. The Budget gave a shockingly surprising news that the Govt has already implemented the Minimum Support Price (MSP) at the rate of one and half times of production cost for majority of the Rabi Crops and now the Govt is committed to extend the same to Kharif crops in the current year also which is totally untrue. Even Govt’s deposition before the Apex Court in this matter is reportedly negative.

Similarly, the budgetary statement about putting in place under its flagship programme of National Health protection Scheme to provide for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization at the rate of Rs 5 lakh per family per year to 10 crore poor and vulnerable families, if weighed in terms of actual budgetary allocations, turns out be another hoax. The budgetary allocation on this account is merely Rs 1600 core which can cover hardly 10 lakh families (and not 10 crore). And such discrepancy exposes the dubious intent. Overall, behind the shrill fraudulent noise of all round development, the budget continued to remain a contractionary budget and focus of almost all govt expenditures are designed to benefit only the rich and propertied business class and the common people and the workers in particular are being subjected to deeper exploitation and repression.

Budget speech lavishly spoke about developing self reliance in defence production and what is being actually done is setting the process of destruction of the existing indigenous manufacturing capabilities in the Ordnance factories, the defence PSUs and country’s shipyards by way of mass scale outsourcing in favour of private sector, both foreign and domestic turning around half of the Ordnance Factories redundant and starving the Defence PSUs and Shipyards of work-orders. On the same way, under the camouflage of expanding Railway network, the project of total privatization of Railways is being pursued in full swing. Are these in any manner serving national interests or sabotaging the same in favour of foreign players ?

The Govt has been moving fast in selling out the national assets through wholesale privatization. In the current year the target for disinvestment /privatization is kept at Rs 80000 crore to keep on the pace of its ‘destroy India’ programme under the camouflage of “Make in India”.

CITU denounced the budget 2018-19 of the Modi Govt and calls upon the working class to unitedly protest and fight against the fraud and exploitation they are being subjected to simultaneously.

Issued by
(Tapan Sen )
General Secretary

Source: Confederation

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Brief of the meeting held today with the Cabinet Secretary (Government of India)


Shiva Gopal Mishra

National council (staff Side)
Joint Consulative Machinery for
Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001
E-Mail :


Dated: October 24, 2017

All Constituents of National Council(JCM)

Sub: Brief of the meeting held today with the Cabinet Secretary (Government of India)

Today I met the Cabinet Secretary(Government of India) and shown oru anguish for inordinate delay in finalzation of demands of the Central Government Employees, particularly National Pension System (NPS), Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula.

The Cabinet Secretary said that, he is aware of the problems of the Staff Side(JCM) raised by them from time to time and particularly to this issue and will definitely try to resolve them

Particularly on the issue of National Pension System(NPS) he said that the issue active consideration of the Government of India and we are trying to find out some solution to the problems arisen because of the NPS.

I also persuaded him to fix-up date of the meeting of the National Council(JCM), to which he said that, the agenda came, and some queries have been raised, which are still to be compiled by the DoP&T. He assured that, he will definitely fix-up the date of the meeting within a short period, and said that, before that, he will ask the Secretary(DoP&T) to hold meeting with the Staff Side.

I told to the Cabinet Secretary that, Central Government Employees are agitated because they feel that VII CPC has not done and justice with them and government is also ready to remove the issues pending before them.

This is for your information.

with Faternal Greetings!

Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Secretary(Staff Side)

Source: Confederation

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Will the Minister of COMMUNICATIONS be pleased to state:

(a) the total number of postal circles in the country and the number of GPOs, SPOs and EDBOs functioning under these circles alongwith number of these post offices located in rural and urban regions separately;
(b) the number of post offices manned by Grameen Dak Sevaks (GDSs) State/UT-wise alongwith the details about the monthly salary of the GDS;
(c) whether Grameen Dak Sevaks (GDSs) are eligible for pension like other Government employees and if not, the reasons therefor;
(d) whether Government is contemplating to constitute any Committee to look into the salary structure and other service matters of Grameen Dak Sevaks and if so, the details thereof;
(e) whether the said committee has submitted its said report and if so, the salient features of the said report; and
(f) the time by which it is likely to be implemented?



(a) Madam, the total number of Postal Circles in the country is 23. The total number of GPOs is 24, the total number of Sub Post Offices (SPOs) is 24753, the total number of Extra Departmental Branch Offices (EDBOs) is 129346. The details of these post offices rural and urban regions wise is enclosed at Annexure-I.

(b) The number of post offices which are manned by Gramin Dak Sewaks (GDS) is given in the Annexure-II. Details of the monthly wages admissible to various categories of Gramin Dak Sewaks are given in the Annexure-III.

(c) No, Madam. The legal status of the Gramin Dak Sevaks as held in 1977 by Apex Court is that they are holders of the civil posts outside the regular civil service. Being a distinct and separate category, CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 are not applicable in the case of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS).

(d) Yes, Madam. To examine the system of Branch Post Offices, engagement conditions, existing structure of allowances and all other welfare issues pertaining to Gramin Dak Sevaks, a one-man Committee under the Chairmanship of Shri Kamlesh Chandra, Retired Member Postal Services Board was set up.

(e) Yes, Madam. The committee has submitted its report. The salient feature of the report is given in the Annexure-IV.

(f) The recommendations of the committee are being examined by the Department of Posts. No timeline is specified to implement the recommendations of the Committee.

Annexure-I : Distribution of Rural and Urban Post Offices as on 31.03.2016

Annexure-II : State wise list of number of post offices manned by Gramin Dak Sewaks

Annexure-III : Details of the monthly wages admissible to various categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks

Annexure-IV : Salient features of the GDS Report

Source: Confederation

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Meeting with Senior Officers Committee – Confederation

Meeting with Senior Officers Committee – Confederation


As notified earlier, the meeting with the senior officers Committee was held on 21.07.2017. The Committee was represented by Additional Secretary, Expenditure (Chairman), Joint Secretary (Implementation Cell), Joint Secretary (Personnel) and Joint Secretary (DOP&T). Staff Side was represented by all 13 Members, Standing Committee, National Council JCM.

Eventhough no specific agenda was notified, the staff side expected that the Committee will hold serious discussion on the demand of Increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula as assured by group of Ministers on 30.06.2016. But the Committee just briefed the decision of the Govt. on Allowances. Staff side raised the issue of Minimum Pay and fitment formula and demanded an early decision as per the assurance given by the Cabinet Ministers. Along with that staff side also raised various issues arising out of implementation of govt. decisions on allowances. As usual the meeting ended without any positive outcome.

M. Krishnan
Secretary General
Mob & WhatsApp: 09447068125

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Agitational Programme from 17 July 2017 to 22 July 2017

Minimum Pay should be enhanced to Rs 24000 – Agitation against Central Government

Circular for Agitation against Central Government from 17-22 July, 2017

REF: BPMS/ Cir/ 17th TC/ 22

Dated: 04.07.2017


The Office Bearers and CEC Members
Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh &
The Presidents/ General Secretaries
Unions affiliated to the federation

Subject: Agitational Programme from 17 July 2017 to 22 July 2017.

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Sadar Namaskar

It is hoped that all of you are well and busy in accelerating trade union activities to uplift the organization.On 28 June 2017, the Cabinet Committee approved allowances as per 7th CPC recommendations with very minor changes or without any change. This time employees were expecting a better remuneration as promised by the Government but the Government did not change its attitude which led to financial loss to Government employees.

Therefore, Government Employees National Confederation has decided to conduct Agitational Programme from 17 July, 2017 to 22 July 2017.Being a constituent of GENC, this federation has decided that all the unions will conduct the Agitational Programme from 17 July, 2017 to 22 July 2107 on the following demands:

1. HRA should be rationalized to 30%, 20% and 10% of the Basic Pay for Class X, Y and Z Cities respectively.

2. All the allowances should be granted from 01.01.2016.

3. All the allowances which have been decided to be abolished should be retained.

4. All other allowances which are statuary in nature as overtime allowance under the Factories Act should be granted without any further delay.

5. Minimum Pay should be enhanced to Rs 24,000/-.

6. Multiplication factor for pay revision should be enhanced to 3.42.

7. Minimum Pension should be guaranteed as per Supreme Court verdict for NPS beneficiaries.

8. 7th CPC related anomalies should be resolved.

9. All cadre review should be completed in time bound manner.

10. There should not be disparity in the common category in various Ministries.

11. None of the Defence Establishments should be closed/ disbanded.

12. Grant of one time relaxation on the 5% ceiling for compassionate appointment.

13. Contract workers in Defence Establishments should be benefitted with Equal Pay for Equal work.

In the Agitation Programme gate meetings, slogan shouting and other peaceful methods as per feasibility are to be organized and a memorandum is to be submitted on the

last day of programme to your respective Head of Establishment addressed to Prime Minister so that the Government may be constrained to assuage the discontentment of employees and the copy of the memorandum is to be submitted to BPMS HQ.

Further, you are advised to give wide publicity of this Agitation Programme by propagating through Media, Posters and Pamphlets.

Appropriate Demands may be added related to your directorates/ establishments. Your humongous support is solicited.

With regards,

Brotherly yours
General Secretary

Source: BPMS

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Protest Demonstrations Against the Decision on Allowances – NFAEE


National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees

Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007
NFAEE Office, Opp. NIYAMAK BHAVAN, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094
Website: ; Email address:


Dated : 03.06.2017

All Affiliates


Dear Comrades,

Hope all the affiliates organized/planned to hold protest demonstrations in this week against the betrayal for NDA Government.

Go far a hectic campaign against the NDA Government’s attitude towards the Government employees and shameful backed out from the commitment given by the Group of Ministers on 30th June 2016.

Copies of the letter written to Shivgopal Mishra, the so-called leader of Central Government Employees by Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers (CCGEW), National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE) and All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF) are attached herewith.

All Affiliates are requested to popularize the stand taken by the Confederation and Federations of various sections of employees and built unity among the employees.

Also appeal to all affiliates to participate actively in the joint protest programme being organized by Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers across the country.

With fraternal Greetings

Comradely yours,

Secretary General


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National Secretariat Meeting on 9.8.2017 at Bengaluru – Confederation

No. Confdn/Sectt/2016-19 Date : 03-07-2017


As already informed to all concerned, the National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers will be held at Income Tax Office (ITEF Office), BENGALURU on 9th August 2017 (09-08-2017 – Wednesday). The meeting will commence at 10-30 am and continue till close. All National Secretariat Members (CHQ office bearers) are requested to attend the meeting without fail.
The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.


1. 7th CPC related issues – Review of agitational programmes organized by Confederation and the present position of various demands raised in the Charter of Demands – Future course of action.

2. 2017 June 10th National Convention of Central & State Govt Employees (Confederation & AISGEF) on ‘NPS & Outsourcing’ – Review and implementation of the decisions taken by the National Convention.

3. Asia-Pacific Regional meeting and World Secretariat meeting of Trade Union International (TUI) – Public services to be held at Thiruvananthapuram on 11th & 12th September 2017.

4. National Convention of Central Trade Unions (CTUs) and independent Federations to be held at New Delhi on 8th August 2017 – Implementation of decisions taken thereof.

5. All India Women’s Trade Union camp – 2017 of Confederation – Finalization of venue & dates.

6. Non-implementation of revision of Pay & Pension of Autonomous Body Employees and Pensioners – Possibility of organizing a joint meeting of all Autonomous body employees organizations and Pensioners organizations for deciding future course of action.

7. Problems of the affiliated organizations of Confederation.

8. Financial review.

9. Any other items with the permission of the Chair.

Yours fraternally

Secretary General
Mob&whatsapp : 09447068125
E-mail : mkrishnan

Source: Confederation

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Nationwide Protest Demonstrations against the Cabinet Decision on 7th CPC Allowances to CG Employees





NDA Government has once again betrayed the entire Central Govt Employees. The demand of the employees to restore HRA to 30, 20 & 10% is denied. Date of effect for allowances is fixed as 01-07-2017 denying 18 months arrears.

The BJP lead NDA Government deliberately delayed the legitimate right of the employees. The assurance given by Cabinet Ministers regarding increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment Formula is also not honoured till date. NDA Government is the worst Government as far as employees and workers are concerned.

Confederation National Secretariat calls upon entire Central Govt Employees to hold demonstrations in front of all Central Govt Offices protesting against the anti-employees, anti-workers stand of the NDA Government.

Secretary General
Mob&Whatsapp: 09447068125


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16th March 2017 Strike – Participation of Employees All Time High

16th March 2017 Strike – Participation of Employees All Time High


Dated – 18.03.2017

1) All National Secretariat Members (CHQ Office Bearers)
2) Chief Executives of all Affiliated organisations
3) General Secretaries of all COCs

Dear Comrades,


Reports received from Affiliated organisations and COCs and also many field level units shows that the participation of employees in the 16th March 2017 strike was all time high. The reason is obvious that the employees are angry and upset due the totally adamant and negative attitude of the NDA government towards the genuine issues of Central Govt. employees and pensioners and their discontentment was ventilated through the strike as an outburst of their pent up feelings. The response to the strike call was overwhelming and majority of employees suo-moto participated in the strike without any compulsion. This was also quite visible during the 15th December 2016 Parliament March and other agitational programmes including dharna and observance of 6th March 2017 Black Day. (For other details please see the press statement dated 16.03.2017 published in the Confederation website). Confederation National Secretariat congratulates and salutes all the leaders and employees who organized and participated in the strike and made it one of the best organized and best participated historic strike of Central Government Employees. Once again it is proved that it is Confederation alone, which is the true representative of entire Central Government employees.

National Secretariat of the Confederation will meet at Delhi on 13.04.2017, as already notified. Secretariat will conduct a detailed review of the strike and decide future course of action. All National Secretariat members are requested to attend the meeting without fail.


As already notified, the All India Trade Union Education Camp of Confederation will be conducted at EMS Academy, Thiruvananthapuram on 6th & 7th May 2017. All affiliated organisations and COCs are one again requested to ensure participation of allotted number of delegates WITHOUT FAIL. Please ensure that travel tickets are booked immediately, if not already booked. (Notice was issued in January itself to facilitate booking of confirmed train tickets, as train reservation starts four months in advance).

Quota allotted to each organisation and COC and other informations relating to the camp are is furnished in the circular attached.

While selecting delegates to the camp, younger generation and ladies may be given maximum representation.

Please intimate the number of delegates attending the camp by email to OR and also to the Reception Committee.


Needless to say that for smooth and efficient functioning of an organisation, especially for a vibrant organisation like Confederation, funds is an essential requirement. Unfortunately, many affiliates and COCs are continuously failing in their responsibility to support the Confederation CHQ financially. Available fund has been utilized for Parliament March and strike campaign. Now the financial position is almost NIL. Unless all the affiliates and COCs clear their quota immediately, it will adversely effect the CHQ functioning. All affiliates and COCs are one again requested to clear the quota (Re.1/- per member per year) before 31.03.2017. Please treat it as most important. The amount may be remitted to:

Com. Vrigu Bhattacharya,
Financial Secretary
Confederation of C. G. Employees & Workers (CHQ)
17/C, P & T Quarters, Kalibari Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
Mob: 09868520926

Bank Account details
Bank – Indian oversees Bank
Branch – Gole Market, New Delhi
Account No. 084001000015586
IFS Code – IOBA0000840


Discussion are in progress for organizing nationwide campaign and agitational programmes against the NPS and outsourcing of Government functions, jointly with All India State Government Employees Federation (AISGEF) and other like-minded organisations. Final decision in this regard will be taken in the National Secretariat meeting to be held on 13th April 2017.

Fraternally yours,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
Mob&WhatsApp: 09447068125


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Press Statement regarding Nationwide One Day Strike today (16.3.2017) – Confederation

Press Statement regarding Nationwide One Day Strike today (16.3.2017) – Confederation

A press statement regarding Nationwide One Day Strike today (16.3.2017) published by the General Secretary of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers.

Dated 16th March 2017

About thirteen (13) lakhs Central Government employees went on nationwide one day strike today (16.03.2017) as per the call of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers. The Strike was organized to protest against the betrayal of the Group of Cabinet Ministers of NDA Government by not honoring the assurances given to the National Joint Council of Action on 30th June 2016. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has assured that a High Level Committee will be appointed to negotiate and settle the issues arising out of 7th Pay Commission inducing increase in Minimum pay, Fitment formula, Allowances etc. within a period of four months. Based on this assurance the Federations had deferred the proposed indefinite strike from 11th July 2016. Even after a lapse of eight months the assurances are not fulfilled.

Government issued orders to deal with the strike threatening imposition of break-in Service, suspension and dismissal in addition to dies-non. Employees participated in the strike defying such orders.

In Postal department about five Lakhs employees participated in the strike. INTUC Federation also jointed the strike in Postal. All RMS Offices and major post offices remained closed. Income Tax
deparment the strike was total in all states as both employees and officers went on strike. Employees of Audit and Accounts department Civil Accounts, Ground Water Board, Botanical Survey Of India, Postal Accounts Survey Of India, Atomic Energy, Indian Space Research Printing and Stationery, Indian Bureau of Mines, Geological Survey of India, AGMARK, Central Government Health Scheme, Medical Stores depot, Film Institute Of India, Indian Council of Medical Research, Customs and Central Excise, Central Food Laboratory, Census, Defence Accounts and various other autonomous and scientific Research institutions participated in the nation wide strike.

Strike was total in Kerala, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Odisha, Telangana, Chattisgarh, Assam, North Eastern states including Tripura, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Maharashtra. 70 to 80% participation in Andhra, Punjab, Gujarat, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, 60 to 70% in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, 40 to 50% in Delhi and Rajasthan 30% in Himachal.

Solidarity demonstrations were conducted by All India State Government Employees Federation,  BSNL Employees Unions, Central Pensioners organisations, All India Defence Employees Federation  and many other organizations.

The National Secretariat of the Confederation thanked and Congratulated the employees who made the nationwide strike a resounding success.

Secretary General
Mob & whatsApp-09447068125


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The BJP- led NDA Government has intensified it’s policy attack on Railways and Defence establishments and employees.


After the Narendra Modi Government coming to power 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is allowed in Railways. A committee headed by Sri Bibek Deb Roy , Member , NITI Ayog (National Institute for Transformation of India Ayog) was appointed for restructuring of Railways. The committee recommended complete privatisation of Railways. AIRF in its resolution adopted in the 92nd Annual Conference held at Allahabad from 8th to 10th December 2016, stated as follows:

NDA Government assumed power on 26th May 2016. The General Body meeting of AIRF held on 3rd and 4th July 2016 at Chennai, decided to defer the strike decision to provide time to the new Government to settle and resolve grievances. But the same Government by a notification dated 22nd August 2014, decided to induct 100% FDI in Indian Railways, Defence establishments etc. The Government appointed a high level Railway Restructuring Committee, on 22nd September 2014, headed by Sri Bibek Deb Roy, for restructuring Railways. The same committee had drawn a road map for privatisation and went ahead gradually, despite all out protest by AIRF.

The merger of the Railway Budget with the General Budget was one of the key recommendations on Bibek Deb Roy committee, as an important step towards privatisation of Railways. Government has implemented the decision from this year onwards, on top priority basis. It is also reported in the media that Government has decided to privatise heritage and tourist Railways like Kalka – Shimla, Siliguri – Darjeeling and Nilgiri (Ootty) railways. BIBEK DEB ROY COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE THE BEGIN ING OF THE END OF THE GOVT OWNED INDIAN RAILWAYS.

To add insult to injury, the Railway Board has issued orders curtailing the basic trade union rights of Railway employees. AIRF circular issued on 2nd February 2017 reads as follows:
“In continuation of our earlier letter of even no. dated 1st February 2017, you are advised to observe “Black Day” on 6th February 2017 wearing black badges/ribbons, right from branch to zonal levels, at all important offices of your Railway administrations, DEMANDING WITHDRAWAL OF RAILWAY BOARD’S LETTER DATED 31.01.2017, WHEREIN THE BOARD HAVE DECIDED TO DEBAR SUPERVISORS (IN ERSTWHILE GRADE PAY OF 4200) WORKING IN SAFETY CATEGORIES FROM TRADE UNION“.

AIRF statement also said that the order is in violation of 87th ILO Convention and Indian Trade Union Act.

Railway order says that those supervisors working in safety categories cannot become office bearers of unions/Associations/Federations, but can only remain as members with effect from 01.04.2017.

The above is the present situation in Indian Railways and all the Railway unions/Associations/Federations are conducting various protest programmes (other than strike as dominant organisations are yet to take such a decision) against the policy offensives of the NDA Govt. Recently on 1st & 2nd February 2017, Dakshin Railway Employees Union (DREU) , All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA), All India Station Masters Association (AISMA) , All India Guard Council , Indian Railway Technical Supervisors Association etc. (other than AIRF and NFIR) had organised a massive National Convention and also Parliament March at New Delhi , demanding no privatisation and modifications in the 7th CPC recommendations.

The situation in Defence sector is also not different. All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF) in its circular dated 04.02.2017, has conveyed the following developments to its rank and file:

“The ordnance factories are under severe attack due to the policies being adopted by the BJP – led NDA Government. Instead of developing and strengthening the ordnance factories, the Govt. is disowning the same and is planning fully to proceed to weaken the ordnance factories. Licences are being given to private companies for defence manufacturing including for those products which are being manufactured in the ordnance factories.”

In a meeting of Senior Officers held on 5th January 2017, the Secretary, Ministry of Defence made the following comments
“You have to reduce the cost, otherwise you will not get workload in future, you have to compete with the private sector for getting workload. Two years is the period for ordnance factories.”

Recently Sri Manohar Parikar, Defence Minister , who visited AFK Pune , in the meeting held with unions has stated that ” Factories which are manufacturing clothing and leather items are not required in the Government. These items can easily be procured from private sector.”

The proposal of corporatisation (which is a step towards privatisation) is also under consideration with Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Govt has constituted another committee to identify low technology/noncore items. It is seen from the press reports that a committee constituted by Defence Minister under the chairmanship of one retired IIM Professor has recommended for creation of a new independent organisation outside the Ministry of Defence to undertake defence procurement. It is understood that a new organisation tentatively called the “DEFENCE ACQUISITION AUTHORITY” will be fully responsible for the entire process of acquisition.

All these policy decisions of the Government will have serious impact on the existence of ordnance factories and on the job security of defence civilian employees. AIDEF has decided to convene a meeting of ordnance factory unions to take a serious stock of the situation and formulate an action plan to fight back.

Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, representing about thirteen lakhs Central Government Employees, which always stood in the forefront of the struggle against neo-liberal reforms and anti-people, anti -worker policies of the Govt. and also which conducted series of agitational programmes including strikes against the policy offensives of the Government, extends full support and solidarity to the Railway and Defence employees in their struggle for existence.

Confederation calls upon the entire Central Govt. employees to make the 16th March 2016 one day strike a thundering success. Let us be ready for an indefinite strike, if situation warrants.


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NPS COMMITTEE – HOPES for younger generation of Central Government Employees Shattered

NPS COMMITTEE – HOPES for younger generation of Central Government Employees Shattered

NPS committee constituted by the Government to streamline the National Pension System has called the JCM Staff Side for second round of discussion on 10.02.2017. As per the notified agenda, the committee is proposing discussion on only cosmetic changes in NPS. Basic issues such as (1) scrapping of NPS (2) Guaranteed Minimum pension to NPS Pensioners ie; 50% of the last pay drawn should be guaranteed by Government as minimum pension even if the returns from annuity insurance scheme amount is less than the 50%. and (3) Exemption of Central Govt. Employees from the purview of NPS, are not included in the agenda of the meeting even though the Cabinet Secretary has assured JCM Staff Side Chairman and Secretary Shri. Raghavayya and Shri Shiv Gopal Misra on 19th January 2017 that  “so far as issue of NPS is concerned he has already directed the Committee to hold meeting with Staff Side”. From reading the agenda it can be seen that main demands of the Staff Side are avoided, thus betraying the cause of thousands of younger generation Central Government Employees who joined service after 01.01.2004. Their hopes are shattered and belied. NJCA should revive the deferred strike to protect the interest of younger generations. Let us make the 16th March 2017 Confederation Strike a grand success.

M. Krishnan
Secretary General
Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers.
Mob & WhatApp: 09447068125.


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