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Provision of seats for TTEs/Conductors


Provision of seats for TTEs/Conductors



No. 2003/TG-I/20/P/2

New Delhi, Dated: 02.11.2017

The Principal Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways


Sub: Provision of seats for TTEs/Conductors.

Please refer to this office letter No. 2001-TG-I/13/P dated 03.10.2002 wherein instructions have been issued regarding earmarking of accommodation for TTE/Conductors in Mail/Express trains, Rajdjani Express trains, Shatabdi Express trains, day journey trains and Jan-Shatabdi Express trains. The matter has been further reviewed keeping in view the trains which have been introduced subsequently e,g, Duronto, Humsafar, Suvidha Special trains etc. Moreover, the capacity of 3AC conventional coaches is 64 berths whereas that of LHB 3AC coaches is 72 berths and that of 3E coaches is 78 berths & hence 3E coaches should be considered at par with 3AC coaches. Accordingly, it has been decided to earmark the following accommodation for onboard Ticket Checking Staff & RPF/GRP:-

a. Mail/Express trains with sleeping accommodation and leg-wise manning (Covering normal Mail/Express trains, Mahamana etc.)

(i) Berth No. 5 in A-1 Coach only for Conductor manning 1st AC/ AC 2 tier/First Class coaches.
(ii) Berth No. 7 in B-1/ BE-1 Coach only for TTE manning AC3 tier/3E coaches.
(iii) Berth No. 7 in alternate sleeper class coaches for TTEs manning Sleeper Class coaches.

b. Mail/Express trains with sleeping accommodation and end to end manning (covering Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto type trains)

(i) Berth No. 5 in A-1 Coach for TS manning 1st AC and 2nd AC coaches.
(ii) Berth No. 7 in B-1, B-3, B-5, & B-7 coaches of Dy. TS manning AC-2/3-tier coaches. In case of 3E, similar arrangements should be made in BE-1, BE-4 and BE-7 or G-1, G-3, G-5 & G-7 coaches in case of Garib Rath type trains.

c. Mail/Express trains with sitting accommodation and end to end manning. (Shatabdi type trains)

(i) Seat No.1 in Coach No. C-1, C-3, C-5 & C-7 coaches for TS/Dy. TS.
(ii) Trains superintendent will occupy the seat in the coach adjacent to the executive class coach.

d. Mail/Express trains having sitting accommodation and leg-wise manning (Inter-city type trains)

(i) Seat No.1 in every alternate second class coach for ticket checking staff manning these coaches.
(ii) Seat No.1 in alternate Chair Car coach.
(iii) In case composite coach with sitting and sleeping accommodation is attahced, seat no.1 in the sitting portion of the composite coach should be earmarked, for the ticket checking staff.

e. Accommodation for RPF/GRP: One side lower berth (berth no. 63 in coach S1) may be earmarked in sleeper class coach in the entire train in which this staff is travelling. To make it clearer, if the train is being escorted by GRP, one berth will be earmarked for GRP and in case the train is escorted by RPF, one berth in sleeper class will be earmarked for RPF. In case no RPF/GRP is escorting the train, no accommodation will be earmarked for them.

2. The number of berths/seats to be earmarked in a train for onboard ticket checking staff will be keeping in view the composition of the train. In case the number of staff manning a train on regular basis (working as per roster) is less, the number of berths/seats to be earmarked for onboard ticket checking staff can be reduced and the same can be reviewed also subsequently based on manning on regular basis (working as per roster) subject to maximum yardstick indicated above. In the train also the number of berths/seats to be utilized by the onboard ticket checking staff will be equal to the number of staff and the berths/seats in excess will be released to RAC or other passengers.

(Vikram Singh)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board


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Facility for Disabled and Senior Citizens on Trains and at Railway Stations

Facility for Disabled and Senior Citizens on Trains and at Railway Stations

Instructions exist for provision of Wheel Chair at stations. This facility is provided, duly escorted by coolies (on payment) as per present practice.

Almost all the Mail/Express trains (except special type of trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Janshatabdi, AC Special, Duronto) including Garib Rath trains have been provided with at least one disabled friendly coach. SLRD (Second Class Cum Luggage Cum Guard Van & Disabled friendly compartment) coaches and Power Cars for Garib Rath trains having provisions for PWD (Persons with Disability) Compartment with air-conditioning are already in service. These coaches have wider entrance doors for wheelchair access. Besides, following features are also provided:

i) Wider entrance doors of 920 mm width against 782 mm in conventional body side doors.

ii) Handrails on side walls for providing assistance to the disabled.

iii) Wider aisle of 1050 mm instead of usual 570 mm (the seats alongside the sidewall have been removed).

iv) Wider cushioned Berths – 707 mm instead of 607 mm in conventional coaches.

v) To accommodate wheel chairs, space between berths increased to 1201 mm against usual 542 mm.

vi) Larger Lavatory: 1947 mm square instead of 1540 mm x1189 mm.

vii) Wider lavatory door provided: 840 mm instead of usual 520 mm.

viii) Additional grab rails provided in the lavatory.

ix) Lower height of wash basin and mirror in the toilet.

Zonal Railways have been authorised to introduce ‘Battery Operated Vehicles’ at major Railway Stations for Disabled, Old Aged and sick Passengers on first come first served basis through sponsorship from individuals, NGOs, trusts, Charitable institutions, Corporates and PSUs/Corporate Houses under their Corporate Social Responsibility with no charge to passenger or to the Railway.

Provision/augmentation of amenities at stations, including those for differently abled passengers is a continuous process. In order to provide better accessibility to differently abled passengers, short term facilities as detailed below have been planned at all stations:

· Standard ramp for barrier free entry.

· Earmarking at least two parking lots.

· Non-slippery walk-way from parking lot to building.

· Signages of appropriate visibility.

· At least one toilet (on the ground floor).

· At least one drinking water tap suitable for use by differently-abled persons.

· ‘May I help you’ Booth.

In addition, long term facilities as detailed below have been planned at ‘A-1’, ‘A’ & ‘B’ category stations:

· Provision of facility for inter-platform transfer.

· Engraving on edges of platform.

Instructions have been issued to zonal railways for providing above facilities at all ‘A-1’ category stations by July 2016 and to provide all identified short term facilities at 50% of stations by March 2018.

This Press Release based on information given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Manoj Sinha in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha on 29.04.2016 (Friday).


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