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AIBEA & AIBOA : Joint Massive Signature Campaign


AIBEA & AIBOA : Joint Massive Signature Campaign



Circular No.1/VII/2018

January 8, 2018



The present Government at the centre with the focussed approach is targeting the “main nerve centre” of economic activity of our Nation [ie] our Industry, to carry out their plan of actions. Some of them are – broadly;

1. INFUSION OF CAPITAL TO BANKS: The Government conceded our demand but they are attached the conditions of reforms [ie] consolidation through mergers etc.

2. RECOVER THE BAD LOANS THROUGH STRINGENT MEASURES: In order to silence the strong voice of the people at large, an amendment to Banking Regulation Act – “Insolvency and Bankruptcy code” was brought in. 12 top accounts amounting more than Rs.2,52,000 crores is pending before National Company Law Tribunal[NCLT] for adjudication.

Through the NCLT total money will not come back to the Banks but accommodation of the big defaulters would certainly take place.

3. ACCOMMODATION OF THE BAD LOAND DEFAULTERS AND PENALISE THE COMMON MAN / DEPOSITORS: The earning to a financial Institution is mainly through lending operations. When the bad loans are increasing, earnings are declining.

To cover the future loss, the exercise of provisioning is taking place. Small depositors are to be paid increased rate of interest, to encourage the savings. But the present position is not favourable to small investors. In the name of non-maintaining the minimum balance in the accounts, depositors are penalised by levying charges and the income earned through this method is more than the real banking transactions.

4. BRANCH EXPANSION IS THE NEED OF HOUR NOT BRANCH CLOSURE: We have proved that the favourite issue of “financial inclusion” has been brilliantly implemented by Bankmen across the country thereby nearly 21 crores of accounts have been added with a total deposit of over Rs.70000 crores. We need branch expansion to cater the requirements of the common people of this country. At this point of time, Government is seriously pursuing the issue of mergers of Banks. 5 Associate Banks mergers with SBI had already led to closure of 1000 branches . Further 200 to 300 branches, SBI is planning to close down.

5. WITHDRAW FRDI BILL: Untimely introduction of the bill by the present Government has kick started the flight of Bank deposits to mutual fund. Leading Bank- SBI- has released an advertisement in social media instigating the small investors to invest in mutual funds instead of savings, through Bank accounts. The “bail in” clause has created sufficient fear and loss of confidence in Public Sector Banks.

Comrades, our Joint signature campaign has to be actively pursued and hit the target of getting the common people involved in the noble tasks of “Saving the Banking Industry” thereby “saving the Nation”.

Plunge into vigorous campaign as the time at our disposal is too short and also precious.

Yours comradely,


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Financial Components of Wage Revision – AIBOA Circular

Financial Components of Wage Revision – AIBOA Circular


Circular No.10/VI/2015

May 20,2015

Camp :Mumbai

All Units / State Committees

Dear Comrades,

  • Understanding reached on financial components of wage revision.
  • 7th Joint Note to be inked on 25th May 2015 at Mumbai Today, the penultimate round on the current wage revision was held at IBA Office, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai at 2.30 p.m. The IBA team was led by Shri Arun Tiwari, CMD, Union Bank, Shri Ashwini Mehra, DMD, SBI, Shri M. V. Tanksale, CEO, IBA, Shri K. Unnikrishnan, Dy. CEO, IBA, Shri K. S. Chauhan, Vice President, HR & IR, IBA besides the support team of IBA.

Preceding the discussions, there was a preliminary round in which Com. Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, besides the undersigned with the other organizational representatives participated in the exercise.

CEO, IBA while welcoming the representatives of the officers organisations expressed his happiness in the matter of reaching the understandings on distribution of the financial benefits to the officers based on the MOU inked on 23rd February 2015. He emphasized the need to protect and promote the public sector banks image in the eyes of the common man of the country. He also expressed the need to take forward the message of building a sense of belonging to the members of the officers community. Shri Arun Tiwari, CMD, UBI was categorical that the work force needs to be satisfied first through whom the image building and the involvement to build the public sector banks would become possible. Representatives of the four officers organisations responded positively to the observations and expressions made by the members of the IBA team. The agreed load was distributed amongst the pay slip components through mutual discussion and the chart of allocation was signed by the both the parties. The details are as under :
1. Basic Pay –

Scale I – 23700 – 980(7) – 30560 -1145(2)-32850-1310(7)-42020

Scale II – 31705-1145(1)-32850-1310(10)-45950

Scale III – 42020-1310(5)-48570-1460(2)-51490

Scale IV – 50030-1460(4)-55870-1650(2)-59170

Scale V – 59170 -1650(2)-62470-1800(2)-66070

Scale VI – 68680-1960(4)-76520

Scale VII – 76520-2120(4)-85000

2. Dearness Allowance – @0.10% per slab above CPI 4440 currently – 33.70%

3. Addl Stagnation increment – Scale II – 1, Scale III-1, Scale IV-1 (periodicity once in two years)

4. CCA – Higher Area 4% – 870, Lower Area 3% – 600

5. HRA – Major A class – 9%, Area I – 8%, other places -7%

6. Medical Aid – Scale I to III – Rs.8000, Scale IV and above – Rs. 9050

7. Special Allowance – Scale I to III – 7.75%, Iv & V – 10%, VI & VII – 11%
(it attracts Dearness Allowance)

The approval related to holidays on 2nd & 4th Saturdays is pending with Government Authorities for their approval and notification. Comrades, efforts are taken to give true reflection of the above in the joint note coupled with particulars related to other service conditions too. Various suggestions have been made by officers organizations to IBA on these matters.

We shall convey the full details of the joint notes once the same is finally inked on 25th May 2015 at Mumbai.


Source: AIOBA

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Talks with IBA continues – Next meeting on 22.4.2015 – AIBEA Circular


Discussed Points: Hospitalisation Scheme, 100% D.A.Neutralisation for retirees, 2% of loading on basic pay and DA and Converting of DA series.

“IBA should give the new pay structure immediately and pay scales so drawn should be discussed within reasonable time”

Circular No.8/VI/2015

April 17, 2015


Dear Comrades,


Preceding the IBA meeting on 16th April, 2015, UFBU met at Maharastra State Bank Employees Federation Office at Fort Mumbai on 15.04.2015 at 18.00 hrs. Our Organisation was represented by Com.Alok.Khare, Vice Chairman, Com.S.S.Shishodia, President besides the undersigned. All the constituents have participated in the meet.

1. The following issues were discussed for taking up the same with IBA.

  • Improvements in the proposed Insurance backed Hospitalisation Scheme.
  • Four issues concerning the Retirees- [a] 100% D.A.Neutralisation for retirees prior to 1.11.2002; [b].Family Pension; [c]. Updation of Pension; [d]. Coverage of Hospitalisation to Retirees.
  • Constraints in construction of Pay scales with the condition of 2% loading
  • Feasibility of converting the DA series from the base year of 1960 to 2001.

2. The IBA subcommittee on Hospitalisation Scheme was headed by Shri.Arun Tiwari, Chairman Union Bank of India, Shri.Shailesh Verma CGM, SBI, Shri.B.S.Shekhawat, GM (HRD) CBI, Shri.M.V.Tanksale, CEO IBA, Shri K.Unnikrishnan Dy.CEO IBA besides HR officials of IBA. The representatives of all the eleven unions have participated.

3. There was a detailed discussion on the Hospitalisation based on the documents provided by the IBA to all the unions. Our organisation has forwarded the various suggestions on the scheme to IBA, earlier to the commencement of the discussions, The said communication addressed to the IBA is sent herewith. At the end, there are very many loose ends to be knitted to present a comprehensive and an improved beneficial scheme to the Bankmen at large.

4. In the exclusive sub committee meeting of Officers, IBA team was headed by Shri. Ashwini Kumar Chairman Dena Bank, Smt.Indira Padmini, GM, IOB, Shri.B.S.Shekhwat, GM CBI besides the top officials and also of HR team of IBA,

5. The talks continued on issues listed in the Charter of demands of officers. The discussions are progressing but inconclusive. The Officers’ organisations have requested for one more sitting to take forward the discussions preferably next week.

6. We shall keep the units informed about the progress made to convert the MOU into 7th Joint Note.

Yours Comradely,



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