Reconsideration of extension of without voucher facility to Retired Employees


Admn. Section
Corporate Office
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan
New Delhi 

No. BSNL/Admn.I/15-22/14

Dated: April 11, 2017

Office Memorandum

Sub: Reconsideration of extension of without voucher facility to Retired Employees.

Ref: No. 7-8/2010/EF/Part/1 dated 5.9.2011.

Facility of extension of without voucher facility was withdrawn vide guidelines conveyed vide letter No. 7-8/2010/EF/Part/1 dated 5.9.2011, as expenditure control measure. To mitigate the hardship in submission and following up of medical claims by retired employees, the Competent Authority has approved revival the facility only to retired employees, as per the guidelines issued vide letter No. BSNL/ADMN/l dated 28.2.2003 under para 2.1.1.

The entitlement under this option will be 50% of the admissible amount (annual outdoor ceiling prescribed) and will be paid in four equal instalments at the end of each quarter. The amount payable is taxable as per the applicable Rules.

The decision will however will be reviewed after 6 months.


(Raj Kumar)

Assistant General Manager (Admn.IV)

Signed Copy

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