7th CPC Matrix Level MACP Anomaly – Detail Illustration


7th CPC Matrix Level MACP Anomaly – Detail Illustration

Recently NFIR writes letter to Railway board with the subject “MACPS anomaly as a result of implementation of 7th CPC Pay Matrix levels”

NFIR given illustration relating to no benefit in certain situations where the employee is granted MACP, also NFIR requested rectification from the Railway Board.

In the existing pay matrix the stages of pay are same in most of the levels such as level 2 & 3, 6 & 7 , 7 & 8 etc.

In case an employee is upgraded under MACP from one level to another level, his pay will be exactly same as he/she may have drawn even without receiving the benefit under MACP. He/She get only one increment, no benefit in promotion.

Here is the detail Illustration for all pay scales in the level 2 & 3, 6 & 7 , 7 & 8

Same Value in Next Pay Level, during MACP / Promotion upgrade

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