Expected Dearness allowance from July 2013


Expected Dearness allowance from July 2013

We can assume by calculating method with AICPIN, the next additional Dearness allowance from July 2013 to Central Government employees and pensioners may be 10%.

Although the expectations are high in the percentage, the index numbers of All India Consumer Price for balance months of April, May and June can only the deciding factor for the second installment for this year.

The magic numbers of AICPIN for the last three months are yet to be published by Labour bureau. If the index number for balance of three months will just increase one point from the existing level, the calculation will bring an another ten percent from July 2013 and the total dearness allowance will be enhanced from 80% to 90%.

This is second time for CG Employees and pensioners to get ten percent in Dearness allowance and Dearness relief, certainly it helps to balance the huge price hike in essential commodities.

Source: Central Government Staff  News


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