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Merger of 50% DA, Retirement age Order news goes viral in Social Media


Order for Merger of 50% DA, Retirement age news goes viral in Social Media

Recently rumour mill went overdrive in social media with the following news that

1.central government decided to Merge 50% DA with basic pay with effect from 1.1.2015 and order will be issued within 15 days

2. Encashment of Earned Leave to be curtailed to 180days instead of existing 300 days.

3.It went on to say that age of Retirement will be on completion of 33 Years of service or at the age of 58 Years whichever is earlier

According to the Social Media , the above strong decisions were taken in last three meeting of cabinet committee to recommend 7th pay commission. Further the post published in social media warned the central government employees that if above decisions are implemented; they should not expect more from 7th Pay Commission. Since it is considered to be the indication of what the think tank of central government will do for its employees.

We enquired about this rumour with one of the Member to the National council JCM, who recently met the 7th Pay Commission. According to him, the central government has firm on its decision not to accept the Merger of DA with Pay, since the due date of the 7th Pay Commission to submit its recommendation is nearing and the central government in many occasions cleared that the recommendation of 7th pay commission will be implemented from 1.1.2016. So there is no question of issuing order for merger of 50% DA with effect from 1.1.2015.

Further he clarified that the present government wanted to use the man-hours of central government employees productively by introducing new systems like bio metric attendance etc. Hence curtailing EL Encashment will lead the central government employees to take more leave if it is not allowed for encashment. So there is no need to implement such proposal as government point of view is against taking leave by Govt officials.

There is mixed response from the sources whether the retirement age of central government employees will be revised or not. It is believed that the present government is in favour of reducing retirement age to 58. But at the same time government doesn’t want loose resources of knowledge gained through experience by reducing retirement age of Government employees. Since the work culture of government service is deteriorating day by day due to various factors , govt would like to retain the experience of the senior Government officials . Anubhav is the one of the initiative introduced by the central government to improve the work culture of youngsters in government service. So there will not be any change in retirement age of central government employees at present.

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Retirement Age from 60 to 58: Whatsapp message leaves government in tizzy; inquiry started

Retirement Age from 60 to 58: Whatsapp message leaves government in tizzy; inquiry started

Whatsapp message leaves government in tizzy; inquiry started: The Economic Times

NEW DELHI: The Government on Thursday was left in a tizzy over what its officials described as a “deliberate mischief” in form of a widely circulated message on Whatsapp that the Union Government had decided to reduce the retirement age of central government employees from 60 to 58 years.

The message also cited a purported answer given by the Ministry of Personnel in Parliament on December 11 to say that the government will bring a bill in Parliament in February-March 2015 to reduce the retirement age to 58. The government has now begun an inquiry to trace the person who circulated this wrong message as it caused considerable confusion among the bureaucracy and the political class as the purported move to reduce the retirement age was reported by some television channels as well as posted widely on social networking websites. Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu had to get up in Parliament on Thursday afternoon to deny any such move to reduce the retirement age and posted the same on his Twitter account. Minister of State for Personnel, Jitendra Singh, who had answered a question in Parliament on Thursday saying there was no move to reduce the retirement age, had to make a statement to Doordarshan and ANI in the evening to set the record straight. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) sent out multiple messages and also issued an official statement in the night saying there was no such proposal.
A senior government official said a probe has been necessitated to trace out the offender as a parliament reply given earlier by the Ministry of Personnel on December 11 had been twisted and a wrong picture painted of the contents of the said reply in the widely circulated WhatsApp message. On December 11, the Ministry of Personnel was in fact asked if there was a move to increase the retirement age from 60 to 62. The Ministry replied that there was no such move. But the said Whatsapp message said the Ministry was asked on December 11 was whether the retirement age would be reduced from 60 to 58 and claimed the government had answered in the affirmative and also said a bill will be brought to Parliament in February-March 2015 for the same. “This is a completely wrong message and a deliberate mischief by someone,” a senior government official said, adding that an inquiry has been started to trace out the said person.

Source: The Economic Times

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