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Pay Anomaly in respect of Major Generals and It Generals promoted before 01/01/2016

Pay Anomaly in respect of Major Generals and It Generals promoted before 01/01/2016

1. Consequent upon implementation of 7th Pay Commission Orders, Major Generals promoted after 01/01/2016 are drawing more pay than the officers in the same Corps, who were promoted as Maj Generals prior to 01/01/2016. Hence stepping up of pay of Maj Generals promoted prior to 01/01/2016 has been carried out, at par with the pay from the date of promotion of Maj General of that Corps, promoted after 01/01/2016 based on seniority list received from ADGPS . Subsequent increments have been granted thereafter and the pay also revised on promotion to the rank of Lt General, wherever applicable.

2 (a). Consequent upon implementation of 7th Pay Commission Orders, Lt Generals (HAG) promoted after 01/01/2016 are drawing more pay than the Lt Generals (HAG), in same Corps, promoted before 01/01/2016. The case are under examination for stepping up of pay of Lt Generals (HAG) promoted before 01/01/2016, at par with pay from the date of promotion of Lt Generals (HAG), in that Corps, promoted after 01/01/2016.

2 (b)(i) Pay revision in Approx 31 such cases is under progress and will be found adjusted in 09/2017 Pay Account.

2 (b) (ii) In 36 cases of Lt General drawing pay in HAG & HAG(+) scale are under examination and those cases not covered under the provisions of SRO 12 (E) dated 03.05.17 regarding stepping up of Pay, will be taken to CGDA office and IHQ of MoD (Army) / Ministry of Defence for clarification.

2(b) (iii) In 19 cases, where General officers are holding appointment of Army Commanders as on 01/01/2016 drawing maximum pay of Rs.2,25,000/- will not involve any stepping up of pay since there is no pay anomaly.

Source: CGDA

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Pay anomaly in the Supervisory Cadre of Accounts Department, Ministry of Railways, and pay disparity with other Supervisory Cadres of the Central Government Services

Pay anomaly in the Supervisory Cadre of Accounts Department, Ministry of Railways, and pay disparity with other Supervisory Cadres of the Central Government Services

Shiva Gopal Mishra
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
for Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi – 110001
E-Mail :


Dated: May 24, 2017

The Jt. Secretary(Pers.),
Department of Expenditure,
Room No.39-A, North Block,
New Delhi

Dear Madam,

Sub: Pay anomaly in the Supervisory Cadre of Accounts Department, Ministry of Railways, and pay disparity with other Supervisory Cadres of the Central Government Services

While deposing before the 7th CPC, this Federation brought to the notice of the Commission that,subsequent to the acceptance of the VI CPC recommendations a peculiar anomaly arosewhere a junior drawing higher Grade Pay than the senior in the cadre of Section Officer(Accounts). The Committee of the 7th Pay commission observed that the above anomalous situation purely arose on circumstantial grounds and needs to be rectified. Thus in its report, the Commission found merit in the above contention and recommended that Seniors must be given the benefit of stepping up and further in line with their recommendations for Organized Accounts Cadres, it further recommended that “Section Officer (Accounts) Railways in GP Rs.4800 should be upgraded, on completion of four years’ service, to the existing GP Rs.5400(PB-2), viz., Level 9 in the Pay Matrix, on non-functional basis.(Ref.: Para No.11.40.83 of 7th CPC).

The 7th Central Pay Commission acknowledged that the skill sets of the Organized Accounts Cadres are fairly higher and the organized accounts cadres have to compulsorily pass various stringent examinations for promotions. Moreover, Sr. Section Officers(A/Cs) had been assigned complete parity with Section Officers(S.O.) of the Central Secretariat Service(CSS) and they had been granted the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500(S-12) w.e.f. 01.01.1996 in accordance with 6th CPC. Further, it was also noted that parity between Organized Accounts Cadres and the cadre of Section Officers of CSS was disturbed by granting non-functional upgradation to GP Rs.5400(PB-3) after four years of service to Section Officers of CSS only. The Commission also noted that, non-functional up-gradation from GP Rs.4800 to GP Rs.5400(PB-3), on completion of four years of service, has been accorded to a number of posts by the Government of India in 2008. The Commission also found no reason and justification to deprive this benefit of upgradation to GP Rs.5400 to the Officers of the Organized Accounts Cadres who are in GP Rs.4800.

“Thus, the Pay Commission recommended that, all officers in the Organized Accounts Cadres (in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Defence Accounts Department, Indian Civil Accounts Organization, Railways, Post and Telecommunications), who are in GP Rs.4800, should be upgraded, on completion of four years’ service to GP Rs.5400(PB-2), viz. pay level 9, in the pay matrix”. (Ref. Para 11.12.140 of 7th CPC).

To utter dismay, the Government of India, while accepting the recommendations of the Pay Commission on upgrading of posts, left out the Ministry of Defence and Railways for non-functional upgradation to GP Rs.5400(PB-3) after four years of service for the categories of AAOs(Finance Division of Defence, Ministry of Defence) and Senior Section Officer(Accounts), Senior Travelling Inspector(Accounts) and Senior Inspector(Store Accounts), Ministry of Railways, with the remarks that, “it will be examined by DOPT for taking a comprehensive view in the matter”. The DoP&T took almost nine months and transferred the issue on 7th April, 2017 to the Ministry of Finance(Expenditure). In other words, benefit of upgradation to GP Rs.5400 after completion of four years of service has been granted to all other Organized Accounts Cadres of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Indian Civil Accounts Organization and Post and Telecommunications.

The Ministry of Defence in their recent ID Note No.369/C/2017 dated 23.03.2017 also recommended that, “above benefit be extended to the Assistant Accounts Officer(AAO) of Defence Accounts Department”. On the other hand, DoP&T, in their communication ID Note No.1198678/16-Estt.(Pay-I) dated 02.02.2017 to the Executive Director, Pay Commission-III, Ministry of Railways, advised the Ministry of Railways to consult Department of Expenditure since revision of pay scales comes under the administrative domain of the Department of Expenditure in terms of Government of India(Allocation of Business) Rules. It shows the indifferent approach of government of India towards Railway Accounts Employee.

This issue has been elaborated and explained in the tabulated format at Annexure ‘A’.

The Supervisory Cadre of the Accounts Department of the Railways is also entrusted with the responsibilities of presenting the Railway Accounts on widely accepted of accrual based Accounting in addition to presenting the Government Accounts as per requirements laid down in the Constitution of India, as announced by Hon’able Minister of Railway, Shri Suresh Prabhu, in his budget speech.

It would be highly appreciated, if the benefit of grant of GP Rs.5400 is extended to Supervisory Cadre of the Accounts Department, Ministry of Railways, on completion of four years of service in GP Rs.4800, who are the only left in this case. This will also end pay disparity between the Organized Accounts Cadres of the Government of India.

An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

Comradely Yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)


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Armed forces again demand resolution of pay ‘anomalies’ with 7th Pay Commission

Armed forces again demand resolution of pay ‘anomalies’ with 7th Pay Commission

NEW DELHI: The armed forces want at least five “core anomalies” in their salary structures to be resolved to establish the “correct baseline” for recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), whose term has now been extended till December 31 by the government.

While the heat and dust over one rank, one pension (OROP) is yet to settle, with a section of veterans rejecting the “diluted” version announced by the government on September 5, the serving personnel have their own deep-seated grouse over their eroding “status, parity and equivalence” as compared to their civilian counterparts.

The armed forces top brass have made several representations to the government, including the defence and finance ministries, on the core anomalies over the last one year. But have received no assurance till now. With the 7th CPC’s term being extended by four months, they are now making a last-ditch attempt to get the anomalies rectified.
One of the main demands is the grant of NFU (non-functional upgradation) for officers denied promotions due to the lack of vacancies in the steeply-pyramidal structure of the armed forces. “IFS and IPS officers, as also those from organized Group A civil services, now get NFU after the 6th CPC like IAS officers. But the armed forces have been kept out of it,” said a senior officer.

“This adversely impacts the morale of serving military officers. It also creates command, control and functional problems because even organizations that work closely with the military like DRDO, Border Roads Organisation, Military Engineer Service and the like get NFU,” he added.

Another demand is the placement of all Lt-Generals in the HAG+ (higher administrative grade) pay-scale like directors-general of police. “As of now, only 33% of Lt-Gens are in the HAG+ scale. The status of all Lt-Gens with that of DGPs must be restored,” he added.

The other anomalies deal with the grant of “uniform grade pay” and proper “initial pay fixation” of Lt-Colonels, Colonels and Brigadiers. There is also the need for all JCOs (junior commissioned officers) and soldiers to get “common pay scales”, in the backdrop of the ones recruited before January 2006 not getting them.

“Successive CPCs have given a raw deal to the armed forces compared to the bureaucracy. Virtually all IAS and IFS officers, for instance, reach the apex pay scale before their retirement due to NFU. They, therefore, get OROP through the backdoor. It’s high time the historical and traditional parity was restored,” said another officer.

The civilian bureaucracy, however, is not impressed. It feels the armed forces keep on making “more and more demands” when they already get a lot of privileges from free rations to hugely-subsidized canteens. “Military officers and jawans already get ‘military service pay’ for their tougher working conditions. The demand for NFU is unrealistic,” said a senior bureaucrat.

Read at: Times of India

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Anomalies in Grade Pay between Ministerial Staff of MES, AFHQ & CSS: Indefinite Fast at the PM Office on 4th July, 2015

All India MES Admin Cadre and Ministerial Staff Association has planned an indefinite fast at the Official Residence of PM of India on 04.07.2015.  The details about the cause for the fasting is represented before the PM.



30 May 2015

Shri Narendra Modi Ji,
Honble Prime Minister of India,
South Block, New Delhi-11001


Respected Sir,

1. The All India MES Adm Cadre and Ministerial Staff Association avails this opportunity to convey your honour its best compliments Warm regards, while putting the following problems before the Honble Prime Minister of India.

(a) GRADE PAY OF OFFICE SUPDT/STENO IN MES :- From 1st CPC to 5th CPC there is historical pay parity of Office Supdt of MES and Assistant .of Central Secretariat and AFHQ, but during Sept 2006 the Govt has upgraded the pay scale from Rs. 5500-175-9000 to 6500-200-10500 of Assistant of Central Secretariats through back door vide DOPT letter No. 20/ 29/ 2006. CS-II dt. 25 Sept 2006 (copy enclosed). Thereafter the matter was raised in the department JCM meeting of Min of Defence during July 2007 and it was told in the department JCM meeting that the matter is being referred to 6th CPC. The 6th CPC vide Para 3.1.14,(copy enclosed) of its report has clearly stated that there should be pay parity between field and secretariat staff upto the level of Assistant. Accordingly the pay of Office Supdt of MES and Assistant of Central Secretariats and AFHQ was equal. Again the DoP&T vide its letter No. 7/7/2008/CS-1(A) dt. 21 Dec 2009 (copy enclosed) has upgraded the grade pay of Assistant of Central Secretariats and AFHQ from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- on the request of some Service Associations and individual Officials and ignored the recommendation of the expert body ie. VIth CPC by not granting similar pay scale for similarly situated staff i.e. Office Supdt. of MES. Although, the Assistant of Central Secretariat remains in Delhi throughout their entire services whereas the office supdts of Military Engineers Service are posted from one place to another after regulars intervals of times. The office supdt of MES is serving in peace, filed and high altitude area shoulder to shoulder with combatants as well as in AFHQ (in E-in-C’s Branch, Integrated HQ MoD) (Army) across the table of Assistant of AFHQ for a very long time. It is further submitted that the’ charter of duties of office supdt of MES is larger than the charter of duties of Assistant of Central Secretariat and AFHQ. The copies of charter of duties of office supdt of MES and Assistant of AFHQ are enclosed for perusal please. Therefore it is requested to please upgrade the pay scale of Office Supdt of MES in pre-revised pay scale from Rs. 6500-10500 to Rs. 7450-225-11500 as already upgraded for the Assistant of Central Secretariat. and AFHQ.

b) GRADE PAY OF UDC STENO III OF MES :- Similarly the Govt of India has upgraded the grade pay of 30% UDCs/Steno D of Central Secretariats and AFHQ from Rs. 2400/ – to Rs. 4200/ – by giving them NFSG grade while ignoring the UDCs of MES, although the 6th CPC vide Para 3.1.14 of its report has stated that there should be pay parity between field and secretariat staff up to the level of Assistants. Therefore, it is requested that suitable instructions may please be issued to upgrade the grade pay of UDCs of MES from Rs. 2400/ – to Rs. 4200/ – w.e.f. 01.01.2008 as already upgraded for UDCs servicing in Central Secretariat & AFHQ by the Govt vide DOPT letter No. 20 / 49 / 2009-CS-II(B) dt. 22.06.2011 (copy enclosed).

2. The Association has, already approached to the following authorities on the above issues :-

(a) DG (Pers) E-in-C’s Branch vide letter No. ‘AIMESCCGDEA/Thu/2009 dt. 18.06.09 (copy’ enclosed) and discussed the issue in all the meetings held in E-in-C’s Branch but no action has been taken.

(b) Secretary Ministry of Defence vide letter No. AIMESCCGDEA/Wed/20011 dt. 30 Aug 2011 (copy enclosed).

(c) Defence Minister vide letter No. AIMESCCGDEA/Fri/2011 dt. 09 Sep 2011 (copy enclosed).

(d) Sh. Pranab Mukherjee, The then Hon’ble Finance Minister, Govt of India vide letter No. AIMESCGGDEA/Mon/2011 dt. 09.05.11 (copy enclosed).

(e) Dr. Man Mohan Singh the then Hon’ble Prime Minister of. India vide letter No. IMESCDEA/Mon/ZOI dt.12.09.2011 (copy enclosed)

(f) Sh Manohar Parrikar, Defence Minister vide letter No AIMESAC&MSA/CHQ/2015 dt 23 Mar 2015.

3. The above pay scales have been provided to the Assistant and UDCs serving in the Central Secretariat and AFHQ due to the influence of PMO office as revealed from the letter attached as Appendix ‘A’. Therefore, the Association is approaching to the Honble Prime Minister of India to give similar pay scales to the staff of Military Engineering Services under Ministry of Defence. If our above requests are not accepted by the Honble Prime Minister of India by 30th June 2015, then the members of this Association has left no other option except to sit on indefinite fast on 04th July 2015 at the official residence of Prime Minister of India in support of the demands of this Association.

With Warm Regards,

Yours faithfully,

(Braj Kishore)
General Secretary

(Jit Singh Sharma)

All India MES Admin Cadre and Ministerial Staff Association AIMESAC&MSA,/ CHQ /2015 dated 30.05.2015

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Timely Report of 7th CPC, Merger of 100% DA, Interim Relief, Anomalies of 6th CPC, GDS in 7th CPC, Privatization, Outsourcing, Scrap PFRDA, Ceiling on Compassionate appointments, NAC issues etc: Record Note of meeting by DoPT

Report of 7th CPC in 18 months, Wage Revision w.e.f. 01.01.2014 & in every 5 years, Merger of 100% DA in Basic Pay, Interim Relief for 7th CPC, Settlement of all Anomalies of 6th CPC, GDS in 7th CPC, Amendment in 7th CPC term of reference, Privatization, Outsourcing, Scrap PFRDA, Ceiling on Compassionate appointments, NAC issues etc: Record Note of meeting by DoPT


A meeting was held on 25th February, 2015 in Conference Room No.190, North Block, New Delhi with the representatives of the Staff Side under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel). A list of participants who attended the meeting is annexed.

2.At the outset, the Chairman welcomed the representatives of the Staff Side and Official Side and expressed his firm belief and conviction that all the issues/demands can be resolved through the consultative process. He also indicated that the next (47th) meeting of the National Council (JCM) is likely to be scheduled soon under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary. Thereafter, the Chairman invited the Leader and Secretary of Staff Side for their opening remarks.

3. Shri M. Raghaviah, Leader of the Staff Side welcomed the new Chairman. He thanked the Chairman and conveyed the appreciation of the Staff Side for convening the meeting. He mentioned that presently JCM is almost defunct which has caused much anguish and frustration. He observed that the basic framework for which Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) has been set up is defeated if meetings are not held and no result oriented interaction takes place. He complained that even issues agreed upon do not result in appropriate orders being issued by the Government and cogent replies are not given in case of rejection of proposal.

4.While thanking the Chairman, the Secretary Staff side, Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, stated the anguish of the Central Government Employees about communication deadlock. He also mentioned that no dialogue policy of the Official Side has left the Staff Side with no option except to agitate the issue. He further mentioned that no date has been fixed for National Anomaly Committee and that no meeting of the National Council has been fixed till date.

All the above shows that the government does not want to resolve the problems of the Central Government Employees in a peaceful manner and this is the reason that all the constituents of National Council JCM had decided for sustained struggle with massive demonstration before the Parliament on 28th April. He further hoped that, the Government will take a note and will resolve the issues raised in their Declaration.

5.It was also pointed out by other Members from Staff Side that many anomalies of 6th CPC have not been resolved and since 7th CPC has been constituted, this has become an excuse to keep the anomalies pending as they stand referred to the 7th CPC. I confrontation is to be avoided, the legitimate demands should be settled and action taken on agreed area like stepping up of pay in the matter of pay fixation anomaly. They pointed out that since meetings of the JCM are not held regularly, it gives the impression that the government is not interested to settle the issues positively and the JCM is being treated casually. This is a painful situation as even Departmental Council meetings are not taking place which leads to plethora of litigations. It was also brought out that a Memorandum was submitted earlier by Staff Side for merger of DA and interim relief in view of the erosion of the value of rupees and cost hike. Thereafter, the issues as per the Charter of Demands were taken up for discussion.

1.Effect wage revision of Central Government employees from 1.1.2014 accepting the memorandum of the staff side JCM; ensure 5-year wage revision in future; grant interim relief and merger of 100% of DA. Ensure submission of the 7th CPC report with the stipulated time frame of 18 months; include Grameen Dak Sewaks with the ambit of the 7th CPC. Settle all anomalies of the 6th CPC.

The Staff side stated that a memorandum was submitted to 7th CPC for merger of DA and Interim Relief, and the Commission has forwarded the same to the government. Now, the government must take a decision on the memorandum itself or amend the terms of reference to enable the CPC to make their recommendations on the twin issues. Staff Side also pointed out that there was no laid down periodicity rule setting up of Pay Commissions but by convention it has been done after every ten years. The Staff Side stated that the wage revision must be made every five years as is the case in the Banking and Insurance Sector and other Public Sector Undertakings. With regard to the 7th CPC recommendations, the staff side wanted these to be given effect from 01.01.2014.

Regarding Grameen Dak Sewaks, the staff side wanted the Government to amend the terms of reference of 7th CPC to include Gramen Dak Sewaks as a category of employees as the Supreme Court has declared them as holders of civil post.

It was also submitted by the Staff Side that Interim relief is not part of the TOR of CPC. However, it can be made as part of the TOR even now by the government. Staff Side was of the view that the Interim Relief should not be linked to the delay in the submission of the report by the CPC but should be construed as necessary in view of the erosion of the real value of wages on account of inflation. This was noted by the Chairman.

2.No privatization, PPP or FDI in Railways and Defence Establishments and no corporatization of postal services;

The Staff Side shown its concern on silence of the Government of India on their demand for trans discussion on FDI and PPP. Staff Side vehemently opposed 100% FDI in the Railways and 49% FDI in Defense Establishment. The Staff was advised to meet and discuss the issue with the concerned departments.

3. Non-resolving of the issues as referred by the Ministry of Railways to MoF(Exp.)

With regard to the demand for setting the anomalies of 6th CPC, the staff side submitted that the Ministry of Railways had sent certain proposals to the Department of Expenditure on which no action has been taken till date. The Grade pay based MACP has created administrative and other problems in Railways and they added that there was no cadre with the grade pay of Rs.2000 in Railways. The staff side also pointed out that the decision to hold the meeting of the NAC has not been honoured so far. The Official Side stated that the proposals of the Ministry of Railways will be sorted out between Railway Board and Department of Expenditure. The Staff Side further stated that there are several items in the NAC pending settlement. Some agenda items have not been subjected to discussion even once. The Chairman agreed to convene the meeting of NAC shortly.

4. No Ban on recruitment/creation of post.

Regarding ban on recruitment, the Official side stated that there is no ban on recruitment. They further stated that with regard to ban on creation of posts, exceptions are made for operational needs.

5. Scrap PFRDA Act and re-introduce the defined benefit statutory pension scheme.

The Staff Side submitted that the Supreme Court had declared pension as one of the fundamental rights. The Government should, therefore, retrace from its avowed position, which is detrimental to the interest of the employees and ensure that the employees recruited after 1.1.2004 is covered by the existing statutory defined benefit scheme and rescind the PFRDA Act.The recent decision of the Cabinet to allow FDI in pension fund operations has made the real intent of the PFRDA Act unambiguously clear. The FDI will facilitate the mutual fund operators to invest the funds outside India. It is clear that the decision behind the contributory pension scheme was the pressure imposed on Government and taken without consulting Staff Side and therefore it is to be opposed at all cost and with vehemence. The Govt. should not go ahead with its intention of induction of FDI in pension fund companies. The Staff Side demanded to (i) restore the old pension scheme. (ii) abolish PFRDA and amend the New Pension Scheme. The proposal from the Ministry of Railways regarding replacement of National Pension scheme (NPS) with Old Pension Scheme was sent to Ministry of Finance on 29.0.2014, which needs to be agreed to. The Department of Financial Services gave details on the scheme, asserting the comparative benefits of the contributory pension scheme, Reacting the presentation, the staff side requested that official side to make the contributory pension scheme optional and the employees might opt for the same if the new scheme is beneficial as presented by the official side. It was decided that the staff side will discuss the issue with the Department of Financial Services further.

6.No outsourcing; contractorisation, privatization of governmental functions; withdraw the proposed move to close down the Printing Presses; the publication, form store and stationery departments and Medical Stores Depots; regularize the existing daily rated/casual and contract workers and absorption of trained apprentices;

Staff Side demanded that due to the ban on creation of posts and recruitment of personnel continuing for a very long period, there was consequent strain on the existing workers and many Departmental heads had to recruit personnel on daily rated basis or as casual workers. Thus, almost 25% of the present work force in Governmental organizations are casual workers deployed to do the permanent and perennial nature of jobs, contrary to the prohibition of such unfair labour practices by the law of the land. In fifties and sixties, even the casual workers who had been employed to do the casual and non perennial jobs used to get priority for regular employment as and when vacancy for such permanent recruitment arises. Thousands of persons are now recruited as casual workers and kept as such for years together. As per information now made available on the floor of the Parliament, the number of contract workers engaged by various public sector undertakings and Governmental organizations is very large. They are paid pittance of a salary with no benefits like provident fund, DA and other compensatory allowances etc. In order to ensure that they do not get the benefit of regularization, these workers are technically discharged for a few days to be employed afresh again. The modus operandi differs from one department to another.

Staff Side demanded that privatization and corporatization must not be allowed. It was informed by official side that the meeting in the Departments of (Railways & Postal) have taken place in this matter and dialogue is continuing.

Regarding Printing Press, representative of Ministry of Urban Development stated that it was looking into it in a holistic manner and no final decision has yet been taken on privatization of printing presses.

The Ministry of Health representative said that there was no plans to close the Medical Stores Depots. A Society was being floated for better supplies of medicines. It was decided that Staff Side will have a meeting with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare/Ministry of Urban Development separately.

7.Revive the JCM functioning at all levels as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of the demands of the Central Government Employees (CGEs).

This issues was not discussed.

8.Remove the arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointments.

The Staff Side has submitted that on the plea of a Supreme Court directive, Government introduced a 5% ceiling on the compassionate appointments. When the matter was taken up by the Staff side in the National Council the Govt. was not able to produce any such direction of the Supreme Court. Despite that, the official side refused to withdraw the said instructions limiting the appointments to 5% of the available vacancies. In one of the National Council meetings, presided over by the Cabinet Secretary solemn assurance was given to the Staff Side that the issue will be revisited in the light of the discussion, but nothing happened thereafter.It is pertinent to mention in this connection that the compassionate appointments in the Railways continue to be operated without any such ceiling. In the Department of Posts hundreds of candidates selected by Selection Committee were denied jobs. Some candidates approached the Court and obtained favorable order. But the Court detective was made applicable to only those who approached the Court. Such an assurance is being breached by the provisions of limiting such appointments to 5% of vacancies therefore must be done away with.

It was agreed that DoPT will revisit the issue.

9.Other issues were deferred for next meeting.

10. It was agreed that the pending issues on the National Anomaly Committee would also be discussed further. In the case of MACP issues, Ministry of Railways would be requested to respond to the same in consultation with DoPT and Department of Expenditure. As regards, the issue relating to stepping up of pay Department of Expenditure would be requested to respond to the issue.

11.Staff Side Members from the Ministry of Defence flagged the following issues for reconsideration by DoPT:-

(i) As per provisions of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, merger of unskilled and Semi-skilled in the Workshop Staff has taken effect from 01.01.2006. Accordingly, as per DoPT guidelines, ACP granted to the labourers (Unskilled and Semi-skilled) of Ministry of Defence may be reviewed, for which an exemption of trade test is required. The MoD recommended the case of DoPT for their approval, however, DoPT has rejected the case on the plea that the ACP, already granted, need not be reviewed since merger of the Unskilled and Semi-skilled has taken place from 01.09.2008.

(ii) Defence Civilian Employees are always paid a higher rate of Risk Allowance when compared to other Central Government Employees since they are working in highly hazardous and risky jobs. Risk Allowance rate of Defence Civilian Employees may be revised to 6th CPC pay scales.

(iii) CAT, Principal Bench and also Supreme Court have ruled that Night Duty Allowance of Defence Civilian Employees may be revised in 6th CPC pay scales. However, judgments are not implemented.


List of Participants in the Meeting held on 25.02.2015 at 2.30 P.M. in Room No.190, North Block

Shri Sanjay Kothari
Secretary (Personnel)

Shri A.G. Mathew, JS(Pers)
Department of Expenditure
Shri M. Raghavaiah, Leader
Ms Snehlata Shrivastava, Addl.
Secy, D/o Financial Services
Shri S.G. Mishra, Secretary
Shri Neeraj Mandloi, JS(UD) Shri Rakhal Das Gupta, Member
M. Akhtar, Add. Member, Railway Board Shri Guman Singh, Member
Shri N.S. Kang. AS&DG,CGHS
Ministry of Health & FW
Shri C. Srikumar, Member
Shri Dheeraj Kumar, JS,
Ministry of Labour & Employment
Shri K.K.N. Kutty, Member
Shri Sharda Prasad, Dy. Secy.
Department of Defence Production
Shri Ch. Sankara Rao,  Member
Shri Anju Nigam,DDG(SR&M)
D/o Posts
Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, Member
Madhavi Das, ED, PFRDA Shri R. Srinivasan, Member
Shri J.R. Bhosle, Member
Shri M.S.Raja, Member
Shri M.Krishnan, Member


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Tamil Nadu Pay Grievances – Clarification for Higher Start of Pay for the posts of Graduate Junior Assistants/ Typists and Record Clerks orders issued

Tamil Nadu Pay Grievances – Clarification for Higher  Start  of  Pay  for the posts of Graduate Junior Assistants/Typists and Record Clerks orders issued

Finance  (CMPC)  Department,
Chennai – 600 009.

Letter No.2112/CMPC/2015 -1,



Thiru.T.Udhayachandran, I.A.S.,
Secretary to Government.(Expenditure)


The Chief Civil Surgeon Medical Officer,
Government Peripheral Hospital,
Tondiarpet, Chennai-600   081.


Sub: Tamil Nadu Revised Scales of Pay Rules,2009 – Recommendations of the Pay Grievance  Redressal Cell – Dispensation of Higher Start  of Pay for the  posts  of Graduate Junior Assistants/ Typists and Record Clerks orders issued – Request to clarify certain points about  the eligibility of Higher Start of pay for the post of Typist – Reg.

G.O.Ms.No.321, Finance (Pay Cell) Department, dated: 2-07-1998.
G.O.Ms.No.234, Finance (Pay Cell) Department, dated: 1-06-2009.
G.0.Ms.No.241, Finance (Pay Cell) Department, dated: 22–07-2013.
Your letter Ref.No.1255/TPH/2014, dated: 06-01-2015.

I  am to invite your attention to the references cited.

2.  In   your  letter  cited,  a clarification   has been  sought for   as to  whether graduate  Typist is eligible for higher start of pay as the individual  has joined duty before  01-04-2013  and  also  raised presumption  that  all the  graduate Junior Assistant/ Typist who have joined duty during the period  from 01-01-2006  to 31-03-2013 are eligible for higher start of pay.

3.  In  this  connection,  I am to state that in the Government Order third  cited, orders  have been issued to dispense the higher start of pay granted to the Junior Assistants/ Typists   for   possessing   degree   qualification   with   effect   from 1-04-2013.       However,   in  cases where  higher  start  of  pay  has  already been granted between 1-04-2013  to 22-07-2013,  such cases need not be effected any recovery till the date of issue of the Government Order third cited, but the pay of the such individuals shall be re-fixed to the minimum of the Pay Band  (Pay+  Grade Pay) of the said posts and the excess pay sanctioned if any to  the individuals   from 23-07-2013  to till date shall be  recovered from the individual concerned.  Further, I am  also  to  clarify  that  the  graduate  Typist  who  joined   duty  on  or  before 1-04-2013   and  not  sanctioned  higher  start  of  pay  till  the  date  of  issue  of Government Order third cited are also not entitled for the benefit of higher start of pay since the above concession has been dispensed with effect from 1-04-2013. Hence,  I  am to inform-that  your presumption is not correct and the objection raised by the Pay and Accounts Officer (North) is in order.

Yours faithfully,
for Secretary to Government (Expenditure)

Download Letter  No.2112/CMPC/2015 -1,  dated: 05-03-2015 issued by TN Finance Secretary

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Parity between Assistant, SO of Ordnance Factory and CSS/CSSS Pay Scale: Judgement by HC citing “Equal pay for Equal Work”

Parity between Assistant, SO of Ordnance Factory and CSS/CSSS Pay Scale: Judgement by HC citing “Equal pay for Equal Work”

Parity between Assistant, SO of Ordnance Factory and CSS/CSSS Pay Scale: Landmark Judgement by HC citing “Equal pay for Equal Work”.  Text of Hindustan Times News reproduced below:-

     New pay scale benefits for ordnance staff too: HC

UNIFORMITY Citing ‘equal pay for equal work’ principle, Delhi High Court tells Centre to grant pay parity to ordnance factory employees

Employees at Ordnance Factories (OF) – who have been contesting their omission from the benefits of the sixth pay commission for over seven years have finally more than one reason to rejoice.

New Pay Scale

Reining in the principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’ at public offices, the Delhi High Court has directed the Centre to grant pay parity to employees in the OF with that of identically ranked official in the Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and Central Secretariat Stenographer’s Service (CSSS).

The direction will be applied retrospectively from 2006 — when the sixth CPC was implemented. Not only this, the HC order will come in handy for the employees of the OF when the seventh central pay commission is implemented.

The HC order came in response to a petition filed by Ordnance Factory Employees Association challenging the decision of the finance ministry declining their request for the assistants working in the OF Board to be given same pay scale as was given to similarly placed officials in CSS, CSSS, Ar my Headquarters, UPSC and other services.

The starting point of discrimination against the employees of the OF Board came soon before the acceptance of recommendation of the sixth CPC when a pay upgradation of employees of CSS and CSSS was made in September 2006.

While the OFs and Armed Forces Head Quarters (AFHQs) — both non-secretariat organization — were excluded from the pay upgradation, the latter took the matter to the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and got an order in its favour.

In the case of OF Board, the central government took the view that since it was a nonattached office working outside the Secretariat, there cannot be parity of pay scales. The OF Board was denied benefit of upgradation and the replacement scales given by the sixth CPC. The CAT, too, took a similar stand and denied any relief to the OF Board.

The matter finally reached the Delhi HC last year and after over a year of deliberation a bench of Justice S Ravindra Bhat and Justice Vipin Sanghi termed the discrimination meted out to the OF Board as “over-classification.”

The HC said the discrimination was illogical and artificial. It also took note that the cadre structure of CSS and CSSS is identical to that of the OF. In all the above organisations, the cadre of upper divisional clerks (UDCs) is filled by the feeder of the cadre of the lower divisional clerks (LDCs).

The cadre of assistants on the OF Board is filled by promotion from the feeder cadre of UDCs with at least five years of experience on regular basis.

“The OF Board was treated historically as equals to CSS/CSSS employees and enjoyed equal pay and all benefits flowing from equal pay,” the high court noted adding, “This was based on the previous four instances of determinations by successive pay commissions that they performed equal work.”

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