7th Pay Commission Report Delay – Karnataka COC

7th Pay Commission Report Delay – Karnataka COC 


7th CPC Report Delay

1) The 7th CPC had issued following statement in July 2015 in its website http://7cpc.india.gov.in/

“Further to the memoranda received from a variety of Organisations, Federations, Groups representing civil employees in the Government of India as also from the Defence Services, the Commission has had fruitful and wide ranging discussions on relevant issues with all stakeholders. Such interactions have now been concluded. Valuable inputs have been received and the work of compilation and finalization of the report is underway, so that the Commission completes its task in the time frame given to it. Accordingly, any future requests for meeting with the Commission will not be entertained.”

This shows clearly that the 7th CPC wanted to present its report on 28th August 2015 itself with no extension of time.


2) On August 7, 2015 National Council (Staff Side) Secretary Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishraji met the Chairman, Seventh Central Pay Commission, Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur and Secretary, Mrs. Meena Agarwal. It was assumed that the report of the VII CPC, as was promised for 28th August this year, may be delayed by one month.


This shows that the 7th CPC was delayed only by few days or maximum one month.

3) Many news papers including Danik Bhaskar had reported that the 7th CPC will be submitting its report in September 2015 itself.


4) The 7th CPC chairman had informed in a PTI interview Justice Ashok Kumar Mathurji had stated that “The Commission will submit its report by the end of September,


5) The Hon’able Finance Minister had informed the parliament that the provisions for implementation for 7th CPC is made from Jan 2016 onwards and budget provisions are also made for the current year and next year. which says the salary outgo of central government employees will go up by 9.56 per cent to Rs 1,00,619 crore in current fiscal. The pace will increase further in 2016-17 at 15.79 per cent to Rs 1.16 lakh crore with the likely implementation of the 7th Pay Commission award, the outgo towards salary will further rise in 2017-18 to over Rs 1.28 lakh crore.


6) The 7th Pay Commission has asked for a two month extension from the government. That the Commission is hoping that the government would take a call on One Rank One Pension, so they could modulate their own formulation in terms of pay revision. The Commission is also expected to take a call on lateral entry and performance based pay. Source: NDTV News and Hindustan times


One more reason for delay in the submission of the 7th CPC is likely due to rise in prices of few essential commodities which is due to deficit rainfall .


7) Now four month extension of term of 7th Central Pay Commission is made the Union Cabinet chaired by the Hon’able Prime Minister, gave its approval for the extension of the term of the 7th Central Pay Commission by four months up to 31.12.2015.


8) Now the delay in submission of report and its implementation will be there and actual benefit of 7th CPC will occur only from July 2016. As Government will constitute its own committee to study the implementation of the 7th CPC report and issuing orders.


9) Now larger questions are raised by this extension of term of the 7th CPC by four months by the Central Government as follows.


a) When will the 7th CPC will submit its report? Now it is clear that the report will be submitted only in December 2015 only, if the 7th CPC feels that the assigned work has been completed it can submit its report any time, its only upto the 7th CPC and the Central Government. As a employee we should put pressure on them.


b) Is the 7th CPC extension so required, from the beginning the 7th CPC was against the extension of time, even at last stages the it had thought of one month extension only. Suddenly four months delay in submission of report has raised so many questions and the 7th CPC can submit an interim report.


c) If DA merger would have taken place in 2014, the Central Government employees would have got a benefit of more than 20% wage hike.


d) Now the delay in submission of 7th CPC report is there, we should immediately demand the interim relief to the Central Government employees and merger of DA with effect from 2014.


We sincerely hope the 7th CPC report will be submitted at the earliest and the Central Government will implement the report at the earliest, so that the aspiration of the Central Government employees are taken care by the Central Government. While doing so the justify wages are to be calculated by the 7thCPC.


Comradely yours

General Secretary

Source: www.karnatakacoc.blogspot.in

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4 Months Extension to 7th Pay Commission – Employees Disappointed

4 Months Extension to 7th Pay Commission – Employees Disappointed

With the 18 months time given to the 7th Pay Commission to submit its report coming to an end in August, the Government has given an extension of another four months. The government says that the extension was given because the commission had asked for it. Many are not ready to believe that the 7th Pay Commission, which was almost ready to submit its report, had suddenly requested for an extension. They wonder what the necessity was for this extra time.

Two months ago, on July 24, 2015, the 7th Pay Commission had, on its official website, voluntarily said that work is on and it will be completed well within schedule. Even until the second week of August, there were no indications from the members of the 7th Pay Commission that they would require an extension. In these circumstances, the fact that the 7th Pay Commission has suddenly requested for additional time has caught many by surprise.

Even on 7.8.2015, NC Staff Side Secretary Shri. Shiva Gopal Mishra informed after meeting with 7th Pay Commission that one month may be delayed to submit the report to Govt. And consecutive news from various media, including PTI had published that the chariman of 7th CPC Justice Ashok Mathur assured to submit the report by the end of September.

After the commission submits its reports and recommendations, the higher official side will require time to debate over the issues. Keeping these in mind, it was felt that submitting the report by the end of August will ensure that the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission will be implemented without any delay, from January 1, 2016 onwards. The employees were hoping that this time around, there wouldn’t be any arrears payments. The extension has put an end to all these expectations.

A number of speculations are on about the real reason why the commission has delayed its report. Some claim that the extension has been given to the 7th Pay Commission in order for them to prepare a report on the impact of One Rank One Pension for the Defence personnel.

Now that the report has been postponed, one can be very sure that expectations will rise in the month of December.

Source: 90paisa.org

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AICPIN for the month of July 2015 – ‘Expected DA from January 2016’ begins

AICPIN for the month of July 2015 – ‘Expected DA from January 2016’ begins 


2 Points increased and pegged at 263.


As per the press release of Labour Bureau today, the All India Consumer Price Index (IW) is increased by two points from the existing level and stands at 263.


The CPI-IW for the month of August, 2015 will be released on 30st September, 2015.

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2015 July’s AICPIN Points to be Released Today

2015 July’s AICPIN Points to be Released Today

2015 July’s AICPIN points to be published today by the Labour Bureau

“The final calculations for the Dearness Allowance based on the 6th Pay Commission recommendations are all set to begin. The fluctuation in the prices of essential commodities will be taken into account for this calculation.”

Calculations for the additional Dearness Allowance to be issued for Central Government employees and retired employees in the month of January 2016, begins with the AICPIN points of July 2015, which will be released today.

The dearness allowance percentage for January 2016 will be calculated based on the AICPIN points of the six months starting from July 2015, up to December 2015.

The dearness allowance to be issued in the month of January 2016 will be added to the salary drawn by the employee based on the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission. Only after this will the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission take effect.

Central Government employees and pensioners are getting right now 113% of their basic pay as DA. And an additional dearness allowance from 1.7.2015 is almost finalized to hike by 6%. So, the total DA will become as 119%. And now, last and second additional DA for this year with effect from 1.1.2016 begins with the latest AICPIN points for the month of July 2015.

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Representation from Government servant on service matters – reiteration of instructions – regarding

Representation from Government servant on service matters – reiteration of instructions – regarding

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment A-III Desk


North Block, New Delhi
Dated August 31, 2015

Subject: Representation from Government servant on service matters – reiteration of instructions – regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to O.M. of even number dated 6th June, 2013 wherein instructions have been issued on submission of representation by Government servants about their service matters. In spite of these instructions, it has been observed that Government servants including officers/ officials of para military forces and Army personnel continue to represent directly to the Prime Minister, Minister, Secretary (P) and other higher authorities, directly.

2. As per the existing instructions, wherever, in any matter connected with his service rights or conditions, a Government servant wishes to press a claim or to seek redressal of a grievance, the proper course for him is to address his immediate official superior, or Head
of his office, or such other authority at the appropriate level who is competent to deal with the matter in the organisation.

3. Such submission of representations directly to other authorities by- passing the prescribed channel of communication, has to be viewed seriously and appropriate disciplinary action should be taken against those who violate these instructions. This can rightly be treated as an unbecoming conduct attracting the provisions of Rule 3 (1) (iii) of the Central Chill Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964. It is clarified that this would include all forms of communication including through e-mails or public grievances portal etc.

4. Attention in this connection is also invited to the provision of Rule 20 of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 prohibiting Government servants from bringing outside influence in respect of matter pertaining to his service matter. Representation by relatives of Government servant is also treated as outside influence as clarified vide MHA OM No. F. 25/21/63-Estt.(A) dated 19.09.1963

5. It is reiterated that these instructions may be brought to the notice of all Govt servants including officers/ officials of para military forces and member of armed forces and action taken against those who violate these instructions.

(Mukesh Chaturvedi)
Director (E)

The Secretaries of All Ministries/Departments of Govt of India
(as per the standard list)

Source: http://ccis.nic.in/

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7th Pay Commission report to come into force next fiscal year

7th Pay Commission report to come into force next fiscal year

New Delhi: The Seventh Pay Commission recommendations are likely to be come into effect from April 1 as the country entered a new fiscal year.

The reports of Seventh Central Pay Commission will be implicated from April next year as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in the Parliament on February 27.

The Seventh Pay Commission plans to submit its recommendations on a new pay and pension structure for the country’s 48 lakh central government employees and 55 lakh pensioners’ up to December 31.

Seventh Central Pay Commission team headed by its Chairman Justice A K Mathur (second from left siting), Member Vivek Rae (left siting) and Secretary Meena Agarwal (right siting).

Justice A K Mathur, chairman of the 4-member commission, said they are aiming for the date so that the government employees can get salaries under the new pay scale from the upcoming fiscal year.

However, they were ready to submit its report by the end of September but government gave nod to submit its report till December 31.

“The commission would work to keep inflation in check, as a salary increase is invariably accompanied by a rise in the price level,” an official of the commission said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The commission is exploring whether it would be possible to increase financial limitation of various facilities to the central government employees in place of existence allowances, he said.

For instance, the commission is considering whether it would be possible to increase education allowance facilities from school children to college boys/girls upto 25 years.

Presently the Education allowance is admissible for two children, for studying upto XII standard. The maximum ceiling is stipulated at Rs.18000/- since this allowance had been hiked by 50% because of the DA component in salary having been crossed 100% on 1.1.2014.

He also said they are also considering whether to recommend increasing Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS) up to minimum sum assured amount to Rs 5 Lakh in the event of death. Now, the maximum sum assured in the event of death in this scheme is Rs.30 thousand.

The commission is also mulling to recommend more cities to cover Central government Health Scheme (CGHS) from existing 25 cities for better health facilities for central governments employees and pensioners.

Sources said the commission would recommend formation of a fund where a staff will deposit some money towards a flat after retirement at the start of his job; the government will also contribute towards it.

The Commission, which was set up by the UPA government in February 2014 to revise remuneration of central government employees, Defence personnel and pensioners, was required to submit its report by August-end.

The government on Wednesday extended by four months the term of the Seventh Pay Commission, The Commission will now have time until December 31 to submit its report.


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Full Pension to Pre 2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years but more than 20 years service: Supreme Court dismisses UOI Review Petition

Supreme Court Dismisses (both on grounds of delay and on merit) the Review Petition of UOI for Full Pension (in stead of Pro Rata Pension) to Pre 2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years but more than 20 years service. Copies of SC orders dated 28-8-2015 & 26-8-2015 in R.P.(C) NO. 2565/2015 IN SLP(C) NO. 6567/2015 UOI vs M. O. INASU – attached



R.P.(C) NO. 2565/2015
SLP(C) NO. 6567/2015





Upon perusing the paper book, it has come to our notice that there is a delay of 136 days in filing this review petition and we do not find any justifiable reasons to condone the delay.

Even on merits, we have perused the Review Petition and the connected papers with meticulous care, we do not find any justifiable reason to entertain this review petition.

The review petition is, accordingly, dismissed on the ground of delay as well as on merits.


Signature Not Verified

Digitally signed by
Narendra Prasad
Date: 2015.08.28
14:54:57 IST
Reason: ……………………………J.

Source: Bharat Pensioner Samaj

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MACP Scheme for Graduates Clerks selected through LDCE/GDCE – clarification by Railway Board

MACP Scheme for Graduates Clerks selected through LDCE/GDCE – clarification by Railway Board on NFIR reference:-

(Railway Board)

No PC-V/ 2011/M/4/NFIR

New Delhi, dated 25.08.2015

The GeneralSeretary
3, ChelmsfordRoad,
New Delhi-l10055


Sub: Regulation of MACPS in respect of serving Graduates Clerks selected through LDCE/GDCE.


The undersigned is directed to refer to NFIR’s letter No. IV/MACPS/09/Part.9, dated 07.07.2015 and to state that with the issue of Board’s cadre restructuring instructions dt. 18.06.1981, the provisions for filling up of vacancies in Sr.Clerks grade stands amended and as per the extant provisions 20% posts are to be filled by direct recruitment, 13 1/3% through LDCE from amongst in service graduate clerks in lower grade and 66 2/3% by way of promotion on seniority basis evidently, in terms of existing provisions 13 1/3% quota is not direct recruitment quota but promotional quota to be filled through LDCE from amongst in service graduate clerks in lower grade and para 174(4) of IREM Vol.I 1989 Edition indicated that position.  Thus the appointment against 13 1/3% quota from amongst Serving Graduate Clerks has to be treated as promotion in terms of point No. (ii) of Boards letter dt. 12.09.2012 (RBE No. 100/2012) for the purpose of MACP Scheme.


Yours faithfully,
for Secretary/Railway Board

Source: NFIR

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Government has one-week window to work on OROP plan

Government has one-week window to work on OROP plan
OROP Military Veterans

OROP Military Veterans

NEW DELHI: With Bihar elections due to be announced in around a week, the military veterans and the government have a narrow window to reach a deal on one rank, one pension. A package on its rollout may be tough to announce once the code of conduct comes into effect for the crucial contest.

Although there are indications of negotiators from both sides narrowing down their differences, they are yet to reach common ground on the issue of the annual revision of increments being demanded by ex-servicemen, which the government has dubbed as impractical. Instead, the government’s negotiators have proposed a reset every five years, something that is not acceptable to the veterans.

While the model code of conduct will kick in the moment elections are announced, an additional complication in the form of the recommendations of the seventh pay commission will come up. The pay panel is expected to submit its report next month but has not been tasked with OROP just yet. The government has proposed that the issue be looked at by the committee, but the ex-servicemen have not agreed to it.

The United Front of Ex-Servicemen has been protesting at Jantar Mantar for the past several weeks and finance minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday said the gap had narrowed down significantly and reiterated that the government was committed to OROP.

But a few metres away from where the United Front of Ex-Servicemen have stationed themselves, a new tent has been erected by a group of personnel below officer rank (PBOR), who are distancing themselves from the United Front.

The Voice of Ex-Servicemen, which claims to be representing the ranks, launched a parallel agitation on August 23 and has submitted a memorandum to the government, which is yet to call it for consultation. It is seeking a restoration of the pre-1973 dispensation and has demanded 75% of the last pay as pension for PBOR. Further, it alleges that family pension for widows of jawans is meagre and so is the military service pay to compensate for difficulties during field posting.

“We were with the United Front but its demand will largely benefit officers who have ignored us and got a better deal for themselves,” said coordinator Bir Bahadur Singh.


Source: mlife.mtsindia.in

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BPMS Circular on Postponement of Strike of 02.09.2015

BPMS Circular on Postponement of Strike of 02.09.2015


No. BPMS / 12 / CIR / 2015

Dated: 29.08.2015

The Office Bearers, CEC Members,
President / Secretary of the unions
Affiliated to BPMS

Subject: Postponement of proposed Strike on 02.09.2015

Dear Brothers & Sisters

Sadar Namaskar,
Your attention is invited to this federation’s Circular No BPMS / 11/ CIR / 2015, dated 17.07.2015 whereby all the unions have been directed to take strike ballot and serve the strike notice to the head of establishments to go on strike on 02.09.2015 on the call of Central Trade Unions along with Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh.

Now, it is worth to mention here that an Inter Ministerial Committee meeting held on 26th & 27th August, 2015 under the Chairmanship of Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Finance Minister and assured for justifys of workers, welfare of labour, concepts of tripartism in the matter of labour relations and appealed to reconsider the proposed call for strike on 02.09.2015.

Since the Government has come forward with positive assurances on the basic demands and assured to continue dialogue, it has been decided to defer/postpone the proposed strike on 02.09.2015 for next date to be decided in future.

Therefore, you are requested to apprise to your Head of Establishment regarding postponement of the proposed strike of 02.09.2015. Kindly see the format in this regard.

With regards,

Brotherly Yours
General Secretary

Copy to:
1. General Secretary, B.M.S. New Delhi, 2426, Ram Naresh Bhawan, Tilak Gali, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi – 110055
2. Secretary General, GENC, Kanpur – For your kind information please

Click to read in Hindi

Source: BPMS

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