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Centralized online GPF Module roll out


Centralized online GPF Module roll out – Pre-requisites for on boarding the online GPF Module

Government of India
M/o Finance, Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts

Mahalekha Niyantrak Bawan
GPO Complex, ‘E’ Block
INA, New Delhi-110023
Dated 01st Aug, 2018


Sub:- Centralized online GPF Module roll out – regarding

Reference is invited to this office OM. No. ITO-CGA/07/11/GF-MIDS/Pt. FileNol.2/163 dated 09 May 2017 regarding complete roll out of Centralized online GPF module. The module can be implemented in PAOs whose all DDOs are using Employees Information System (EIS) for generation of Salary Bills.

2. For migrating to the online GPF module on PFMS, PAOs have to complete some activities in “COMPACT” as per the annexure-I before exporting the GPF data from COMPACT to PFMS portal.

3. The merged DDOs of the PAOs are also required to upload the current year GPF data on the PFMS Portal. Merged DDOs have been provided with an offline utility with in EIS to enter data for uploading.

4. In view of the above, all Pr. CCAs, CCAs, CAs (with independent charge) are requested to direct the PAOs under their control to complete the activities mentioned in Annexure-I in COMPACT at the earliest possible.

(Anupam Raj)
Asstt. Controller General of Accounts


Pre-requisites for on boarding the online GPF Module

1. General/Basic Information like Name, Date of Birth, Date of Joining Government Service, PAN Number of all GPF subscribers may be verified and updated

2. GPF Accounts of subscribers may be made up to date with posting of GPF credit/debit data.

3. May be ensured that noGPF bill is pending for pass and payment.

4. Voucher Incorporation from PFMS to COMPACT may be done for all Bills.

5. Opening Balances of current F.Y. may be verified and interest calculation and finalization of interest of previous year may be completed and data is transferred to F.Y.2018-19.

6. It may be ensured that any discrepancy, if noticed has been removed before shifting to PFMS.

7. May be ensured that GPF Advance recoveries data is correct.

8. It may be ensured to register Digital signature Certificate (DSC) in COMPACT.

9. Before creating final file, PAO should take backup of the data base.

10. GPF Accounts which are transferred out or final payment made may be closed at DH level through the option “Account Closing”.


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Pensions: Non receipt of e-PPOs

Regarding Non receipt of e-PPOs


Circular No. 601

Dated: 06.07.2018


The O I/C
Records/PAO (ORs)

Subject:- Non receipt of e-PPOs – reg.

Reference:- This office Circular No. 588 dated 20.10.2017, Circular No. 590 dated 06.11.2017 and Circular No. 595 dated 25.01.2018.

Office of the PCDA(P) Allahabad has started issuing e-PPOs for all categories of pensioners. A new PPO series was also introduced for various types of e-PPOs and subsequently range of modifications took place while adopting the process.

2. Copies of digitally signed e-PPOs are being sent electronically to PDAs and to Record Offices (ROs) concerned in case of JCOs/ORs . The RO, after scrutinising and checking the e-PPO, is required to forward a hard copy of the e-PPO (after printing from the PDF file) along with Descriptive Roll of the pensioners to PDA concerned. Record Offices (ROs) are also required to provide a copy of the e-PPO to the Armed Forces Pensioners/ Family Pensioners for their record either as a hard copy or through an e-mail as deemed fit.

3. After issuance of e-PPOs by this office, the e-PPOs are immediately forwarded to Record Offices concerned through DPCC (Defence Pension Contact Centre) functioning in the office premises of the PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad.

4. However, it has been noticed that the Record Offices (ROs) and the pensioners/family pensioners are not receiving e-PPO on time thereby causing delay in receipt of pension and other pensionary benefits.

5. In view of the above, all Record Offices are requested to instruct their representative/s to contact the DPCC (Defence Pension Contact Centre) functioning in the office premises of the PCDA(Pension) Allahabad for collection of e-PPOs issued by this office in soft copy viz. Compact Disk (CD) or in Pen Drive. Discrepancy observed in the e-PPO, if any, may be immediately brought to the notice of this office for necessary action at this end. For any query regarding collection of e-PPO, please contact Lt. Col. Palani S, Officer I/C, DPCC (E-Mail ID :, Phone: 0532- 2423486, Army Line : 6219).

6. Further, Record Offices are requested to ensure that e-PPOs are collected and despatched timely to PDAs alongwith Descriptive Roll so that payment of pensionary benefits are made to the pensioners/family pensioners in time.

7. This circular has been uploaded on official website of this office

(Sushil Kumar Singh)
Jt. CDA(P)No. Gts/Tech/7th CPC/0181/Vol-VI
Dated: 06.07.2018

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NPS: Extension of benefits of Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity to the Central Government employees covered by New Defined Contribution Pension System (National Pension System)


Circular No C-170

O/o the PCDA (P), Allahabad
Dated: 13-07-2017

Sub: NPS: Extension of benefits of Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity to the Central Government employees covered by New Defined Contribution Pension System (National Pension System) -regarding.

Ref:- This office Circular No. 79 dated 29/10/2010 and No. 110 dated 12/08/2013

Benefits of Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity to the Central Government employees covered by New Defined Contribution Pension System (National Pension System) has been extended vide Govt. of India, Ministry of PPG & P, Deptt. of P&PW in their O.M. No. 7/5/2012-P&PW (F)/B dated 26.08.2016 (copy enclosed)on the same terms and conditions as are applicable to employees covered by Central Civil Service (Pension) Rules, 1972. The Ministry has further clarified vide O.M.No.28/03/2017-P&PW(B) dt. 18/05/2017, that CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 are otherwise not applicable to the Central Government employees covered under NPS. Hence, they would obviously not be eligible for Service Gratuity or Pension under the CCS (Pension) Rules.

2. The phrase ‘terms and condition’ in the ibid O.M. dated 26.08.2016 refers to the requirement of qualifying service, the rates on which retirement gratuity is to be paid, the limit of amount of gratuity, nominations, disciplinary provisions, etc. in the CCS(Pension) Rules. All these condition would be equally applicable for grant of gratuity to employees covered under NPS. The decision to extend retirement gratuity and death gratuity vide the O.M. dated 26.08.2016 is absolute and not provisional. Separate rules on gratuity for Central Government employees under NPS would be framed in due course.

3. Now, it has been decided that to submit the claims of above beneficiaries for Retirment Gratuity and Death Gratuity, the following procedures shall be adopted by HOO and Pay Audit Controllers:-

i. H.O.O. will prepare a claim in case of NPS beneficiaries going to retire in accordance with the procedure as prescribed for Defence Civilian Personnel appointed before 01.01.2004 and will submit the same along with service boom and all the relevant documents (Which is required in case of pre 01.01.2004 Cases) to PAO concerned i.e.LAO/RAO. The Permanent Retirement account No. (PRAN) of the concerned Government Servant Allotted by National Security Depository limited (NSDL) will also be indicated. In cases where PRAN has not been allotted by NSDL to a NPS subscriber being non-effecting account as on 0104.2008, permanent pension account No.(PPAN) allotted to subscriber will be indicated.

ii. PAO will carry all necessary checks with reference to the entries in service book and as admissible under the OM No.38/41/06 P&PW (A) dated 05.05.2009 (already circulated under this office circular no.79 dt. 29-10-2010) to ensure that entries made in claim are in as per records in the service book of the individual. After signing and affixing the seal, the PAO concerned i.e.LAO/RAO will pass on the claim to the PCDA(P) Allahabad. The service book will be returned by PAO to HOO concerned.

iii.HOO will also maintain a separate register for recording entries for PRAN /PPAN No., Name of Government Servant, PPO No. and awards notified.

iv. On receipt of PPO from PCDA(P) Allahabad, HOO will check the same and after recording the entries in the register retransmit PDA’s copy to PDA, Pensioner copy to Pensioner and retain

HOO copy for their own record.

v. Other procedures prescribed for pre 01-01-2004 pensioner will also be followed by the HOO in case of NPS beneficiaries.

4. In view of the foregoing, you also are requested to issue suitable instructions (along with copy of this circular) to all the Head of Offices under your administrative control to ensure that claim on the subject matter henceforth are floated in accordance with instructions given in above Para.

(Rajeev Ranjan Kumar)
Dy.CDA (P)

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Air Travel: Accounting and Payment by PAO

Air Travel Accounting and Payment by PAO

Government of India
Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Delhi cantt  110066
(Defence Travel System, E Ticketing Project)
Phone No.: 011-26108268/26163404 /Fax No.: 011 26163403

No. Mech/EDP/861/E-T /Air

Dated: 15/09/2016


Subject: Air Travel Accounting and Payment by PAO

Reference: HQrs Office letter no. Mech/EDP/861/E-Ticketing/Phase-III dated-21-12-2015.

It is intimated that under the e-Ticketing system wherein Rail Tickets are being booked in lieu of warrants, an Air travel module has also been launched in collaboration with Balmer Lawrie to cover all types of moves like Temporary Duty, Permanent Transfer, LTC All India and LTC Home Town. Air tickets are being booked through DTS since 11 September 2015 by various units across Services under different PAOs. The payment procedure as agreed between CGDA and Balmer & Lawrie is post payment.

2. All PCsDA/CsDA/PCA{Fys) along with this HQrs office has been issued two set of tokens/login-id for this purpose.

(a) One set of Token /Login-Id for DAD Employee:  For booking of Air Tickets i.e. Master Booker Tokens and Competent Authority Approval Tokens for booking of Air Tickets for entitled DAD officers (already issued during training in the Jan, 2016).

(b) PAO tokens for generating and downloading of system generated booking details /Bills and invoices of air tickets booked for DAD entitled officers for payment. Such Tokens (Issued recently) cannot be used for booking of Air Tickets.

3. Process of Booking of Air Tickets: As mentioned in para 2(a) above, one set of Token/Login Id has already been issued for DAD Employee for profile creation of all officer/staffs entitled to travel by Air and booking of Air Tickets.

Air Tickets. Initially, profiles of all the officers/staffs working under jurisdiction of each PCsDA/CsDA and PCA(Fys) need to be created for booking of Air Tickets. The creation of profile is a onetime process and need not be done again. When an officer/staffs will be transferred from one PCsDA/CsDA to another, in such case his profile need to be “Transferred out” by the old office and accordingly his new office will perform the activity of “Transfer in” of such officers/staffs. All such activities like profile creation, editing of profile, Air Travel Booking request and cancellation request are performed by master booker /Booker token. At the same time, Approval/Approving token is used for approval of all such request as forwarded by the master booker token through DTS system. Accordingly, once travel request is approved by Competent Authority/Approving Authority, Master Booker/Booker Token can book the Air Ticket as per Travel Regulation and Movement Sanction.

4. Process of Payment of Air Tickets to Balmer Lawrie & Co:  As mentioned above, the booking of Air Tickets has been launched in collaboration with Balmer Lawrie, the payment procedure as agreed between CGDA and Balmer & Lawrie is post payment. Following steps are involved in processing of payment of Air Tickets to Balmer Lawrie & Co.

(a) Online Accounting and Payment Module for Air Travel:  As mentioned in para 2(b) above, Air Ticket booking details and voucher for Air Ticket booked during a particular period can be generated by logging in to the PAO Module for further processing of payment to Balmer & Lawrie Co.

(b) Preparation of Punching Medium:  After generation of the voucher by logging-in to the PAO Module, PCsDA/CsDA will prepare Punching Medium to compile under respective code head as per classification hand book.

(c) Payment Through NEFT:  After preparation of Punching Medium and Daily Payment Sheet, PCsDA/CsDA will make payment of the due amount through NEFT or through any other process is being followed in their offices.

(d) Voucher Settlement:  After payment PCsDA/CsDA will log-in to the PAO Module and will mark against each invoices as payment done.

(e) Voucher Acknowledgement:  All payment will be acknowledged by Balmer & Lawrie through System and PCsDA /CsDA will be able to download Receipt voucher of payment from the system.

4. Claim Submission:  As the Air Ticket booked through system is given to the officer is as good as advance to the officer/staff serving in the PCsDA/CsDA offices, traveler will submit his final claim within one month after completion of the journey along with original boarding pass and a copy of the Air Ticket booked through DTS

5. In this regard it is intimated that PCsDA/CsDA who are not having PKI tokens (One set of Booking Token with two tokens (One for Master Booker/Booker Token and another for Approval Token)) for booking of Air Tickets through DTS and one PKI token (PAO Token) for generation of voucher and processing payment are requested to intimate to this HQrs office for issuing of the same. PCsDA/CsDA/PCA(Fys) offices in possession of one set of PKI token (One for Master Booker/Booker token, another for Approval token) are requested to start booking of Air Tickets through DTS immediately.

Jt. CGDA (IT&S) has seen.

Deepak Kumar

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Payment of Minimum wages to Data Entry Operators engaged in PAO: Civil Account Association writes to CGA

Payment of Minimum wages to DEOs engaged in PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata: AICAEA writes to CGA

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association

No: AICAEA/HQ/C-1/2015/169-171

Dated: 18.03.2015


The Chief Controller of Accounts,
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Room No. 147, ‘A’ Wing, Nirman Bhawan,
New Delhi–110011

Subject: – Settlement of the problems referred by the PAO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Kolkata Unit.

Reference: – This Association’s letter No. AICAEA/HQ/C-1/2014/2252-54 dated 26-02-2014.


With reference to the above and in pursuance of the discussion held with the Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 10th February 2015, I would like to draw your kind attention to the following few lines –

1. Payment of Minimum wages to DEOs engaged in PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata:-

Through the letter dated 1st September 2014, the Unit Association of PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata had brought it to your kind notice that the outsourced employees engaged in the PAO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Kolkata as Data Entry Operators have not only been receiving less pay then the rate prescribed by the Ministry of Labour but also lesser than their counterparts working in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare itself. Alongwith its letter, the Unit Association had also forwarded a detailed note analyzing the entire fact for your perusal and favorable action.

As 10 posts of Accountant/Senior Accountant, 4 posts of LDCs and 4 posts of MTS were vacant in PAO, Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata , it was decided by the CCA, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to recruit 5(Five) Data Entry Operators through third party (Contractor) to meet the shortfall. These DEOs were granted Rs. 339/- per day in spite of the fact that being Graduates and Computer trained, they fall under the category of “Highly Skilled” and they had been engaged against regular works being performed by the Accountant, Senior Accountant and LDC.

Data Entry Operators engaged in the Central Drug Laboratory, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata have been receiving daily wages @ Rs. 405/- and the Pay Accounts Office, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata is making payment of the Bills preferred by DDO concerned. The Copies of the Bills are enclosed herewith for your ready reference. Therefore, the DEOs working PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata are being paid less than their counterparts.

Moreover, the explanations below Part II of the Schedule of Government of India extra ordinary Gazette Notification No. 800 dated May 20th, 2009(copy enclosed) stipulated that-

(a) If there are two rates for the Highly Skilled category, the higher rate is to be protected (Explanation No. 2 below Part II of the Schedule). This fact has further been clarified vide Note of the order No. B-27(1)/2013 dated 1-4-2013 issued by the Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Mumbai (copy enclosed).

(b) The minimum wage of DEO is to be determined after allowing Variable Dearness Allowances (explanation No. 7, below Part II of the Schedule).

(c) The minimum rates of wage include also the wage for weekly day of rest (explanation No.3 below Part II of the Schedule) which implies that pay is to be given for 26days and not 22days.

Further, the Ministry of Labour, Government of India vide OM No. 14(113)Misc. RLC (coord)/ 2012 dated 23rd January 2014 provided the detailed guidelines regarding engagement of workers through Contractors by the Ministries and Departments of Central Government (Copy enclosed).

In view of the above we request the following-

1. Wage to DEOs may be given for 26days instead of 22 days.

2. Discrimination in wages of DEO may be removed by granting the wage equal to the wage being paid to the DEOs of Central Drugs Laboratory, O/o the DDC (I) of ADC (I).

3. Variable Dearness Allowance may be given to DEOs twice in a year.

4. Higher rate of wage may be protected in r/o DEOs to determine the minimum wage.

5. The Ministry of Labour order No. 14(113)Misc.RLC(coord)/2012 dated 23rd January 2014 may be implemented in the matter of engagement of DEOs.

2. Filling up of vacant posts:-

In the year 2011, the office of the Controller General of Accounts issued orders directing the heads of the Civil Accounts organization to upload the data relating to vacancy to website of Staff Selection Commission within stipulated time. The arrangement was in operation in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 also. Various Ministries and Departments of Civil Accounts organizations which had taken action promptly could fill up large number of vacancies as they were allotted candidates by the Staff selection Commission from among the qualified candidates of examinations of 2012 and 2013.

But the office of the CCA, Ministry of Health and family Welfare did not send its requirement to the Staff Selection Commission at that time and due to this the posts have been left vacant in this organization.

Therefore, we request you to kindly initiate steps for filling up of vacant posts immediately as the office is suffering from huge shortage of staff.

The PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata Unit alongwith the West Bengal Branches of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II have been agitating for settlement of above demands. However, responding to an assurance of the authority, the Unit Association and the aforementioned Branch Associations had suspended their agitational programmes after holding three days continuous Dharna in January 2015. But it is nearly two months they have not yet received any favourable response from the authorities.

It will therefore, be highly appreciable, if you kindly intervene into the state of affairs and settle above issues at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Enclo: as stated above

Yours Sincerely,

(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General


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New Pension Scheme in Ordnance Factories: FAQ

New Pension Scheme in Ordnance Factories: FAQ

10-A, S K BOSE ROAD. KOLKATA – 700001

NPS Section

Questionnaire regarding New Pension Scheme :-

1.What is New Pension Scheme ?

A new defined contribution pension system in place of existing defined benefit system, applicable for fresh entrants to Central Government Service from 01-01-2004.

2. When it is started & for whom ?

The system is mandatory for all new recruits to the Central Government Service from 01-01-2004 except the Armed Forces.

3.What is the quantum of the Contribution ?

The monthly contribution to be deducted amounts to 10% of the Basic Pay, Grade Pay and DA to be paid by the employee & matched by the Central Government.

4.What will be the amount of Government Contribution?

It is equal to the individual’s subscription.

5.Is there any maximum limit of the subscription for an individual?

The maximum limit is 10%.

6.When does the NPS subscription start?

Recoveries towards Tier-I contribution start from the salary of the month following the month in which the Government Servant has joined the service. Therefore, no recovery is to be effected for the month of joining.

7.Whether GPF will be available to the subscribers of the NPS ?

The existing provisions of defined benefit pension & GPF would not be available to the new recruits in the Central Government service covered under NPS.

8.How many Tiers are there in the NPS ?

There are two Tiers in the NPS. Tier-I is compulsory & Tier-II is voluntary. Tier-II is a withdrawable account at subscriber’s option. The employee would be free to withdraw part or all of the Tier-II of his money any time. Government will not make any contribution to Tier-II account.

9.When can the subscriber of NPS exit from the system ?

Individual can exit at the date of Superannuation i.e. at the age of 60 years.

10.What amount will be paid to the subscriber of the NPS at the time of retirement?

At exit, the individual would be mandatorily required to invest 40% of the pension wealth to purchase an annuity and balance pension wealth will be paid to him. Individual would have the flexibility to leave the pension system prior to age 60. However, in this case, the mandatory annuitization would be 80% of the pension wealth.

11.What is the Architecture of the New Pension Scheme ?

In order to implement the scheme there is a Central Record Keeping Agency (National Securities Depository Limited) & several Pension Fund Managers. At this stage there are three PFMs viz. SBI Pension Funds Pvt.Ltd., UTI Retirement Solutions Ltd. & LIC Pension Fund Ltd.

An independent Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA) is to regulate and develop the pension market.

12.How & when an employee can contribute to Tier-II of the Scheme ?

An individual can open a Tier-II account with a Nationalized Bank and the contribution will be deposited to the Bank by the subscriber concerned. As Government will not make any contribution to Tier-II account no recoveries will be made from the salaries of the employees on this account.

13.How an employee be a member of the NPS ?

Immediately on joining Government service, the Government servant will be required to provide particulars such as his name, designation, scale of pay, date of birth etc. in the prescribed form viz. S-I form prescribed by the NSDL, Mumbai, and submitted to his DDO. The S-I form shall be submitted by the DDO to his Pay & Accounts Officer. The PAO will forward the S-I form to the NSDL, Mumbai. On receipt of the form, NSDL will allot 12 digit PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) to the subscribers and a PRAN kit will also be forwarded to the subscribers by the NSDL.

14.How will the subscription recovered from the subscribers be remitted to the concerned authorities ?

The subscription of the NPS subscribers will be recovered from his regular pay by the PAO concerned. The PAO will upload the NPS data to the NPSCAN of NSDL & a cheque of the same amount will be remitted to the Trustee Bank appointed by the PFRDA viz. Bank of India after the data has been uploaded to the NPSCAN.

15.What is the investment plan of the NPS ?

The contribution towards pension will be invested in the default Schemes termed as ‘Scheme I’ of various Pension Fund Managers (SBI Pension Funds Pvt. Ltd., UTI Retirement Solutions Ltd. & LIC Pension Fund Ltd.) presently in the proportion of 33%, 32% & 35%, respectively. Each PFM will invest 85% of the contributions received by it in fixed income instruments and 15% in equity & equity related instruments.

16.Whether the individual is entitled for leave encashment after retirement ?

The benefit of encashment of leave salary is not a part of the retirement benefits admissible under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972. It is payable in terms of CCS (Leave) Rules which will continue to be applicable to the Government Employees who join the Government Service on or after 01-01-2004. Therefore, the benefit of encashment of leave salary payable to the Government Employees/ to their families on account of retirement/death will be admissible.

17.What happens if an employee gets transferred during the month ? Which office will make deduction of contributions ?

As in the case of other recoveries, the recovery of contributions towards NPS for the full month (both individual & Government) will be made by the office who will draw salary for the maximum period.

18.Who will pay additional relief on death/disability of Government Servants covered by NPS ?

Additional relief on death/disability of Defence Civilians Personnel covered by the New Defined Contribution System (NPS) will be dealt with by PCDA (P) Allahabad.

19.What is the procedure for recovery of NPS contribution in the case of EOL/HPL ?

The subscription of the employee and the Government would be restricted proportionately to the leave salary in case of HPL cases.

In case of EOL since no salary is drawn during this period, no contribution either from employee or from Government would be payable.

20.What is the procedure for recovery of NPS contribution in the case of Suspension cases?

Every subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the NPS when on duty or Foreign Service but not during a period of Suspension.

On exoneration or otherwise, the amount of subscription shall be the emoluments to which he was entitled on the first day after his return to duty.

If a subscriber elect to pay arrears of subscriptions in respect of a period of suspension, the emoluments or portion of emoluments which may be allowed for that period on re-instatement, shall deemed to be emoluments drawn on duty.

21.What is the Time Line of regular upload and Fund Transfer ?

The responsibility for timely remittance to the Trustee Bank is that of the PAO in respect of all the subscribers under his domain. After pre-audit of pay bill the PAO should upload the subscriber contribution details on NPSCAN and obtain the transaction ID by the 25th of each month.

If the remittance is through RTGS/NEFT then it may be ensured that the NPS contributions (Govt. & Employees) should be credited to the account of the Trustee Bank by the PAO on the last working day of each month for that salary month. If the remittance is through a cheque payable to the Trustee Bank, then the same should be delivered to the local branch of the Trustee Bank by the PAO by the 26th of each month marked NPB for the last working day of the month.

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