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GDS committee held on date 11.09.2017 in the forenoon I met the higher officers of the Department and enquired about the status of GDS committee. They told that some queries were raised by the Finance Ministry. Reply on those queries have been sent and it is in final stage and may be received in Directorate very soon.

After receipt from Finance Ministry implementation process will be started. The officers of Department have told that they will not make any delay in implementation of GDS Committee Report after receiving approval from Finance Ministry.

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General


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Implementation of favourable recommendations of GDS Committee report

Latest Position in GDS Committee Report

NFPE & AIPEU-GDS congratulates all Postal employees who made the 27th April 2017 mass dharna in front of all Divisional/Regional/Circle offices, a grand success. We have raised only one demand in the dharna – Implementation of favourable recommendations of GDS Committee report.

Implementation Committee constituted by Postal Board under the Chairmanship of Member (T) who was holding charge as Member (Personnel) submitted its proposal to the Secretary (Posts). The proposal of the implementation committee is now being examined by the JS & FA (Internal Financial Advisor) of the Postal Board. After that the proposal is to be approved by Secretary, Department of Posts. Then the proposal is to be approved by Minister, Communications. After Minister’s approval it will be submitted to the nodal Ministries (Department of Personnel & Training, Law Ministry and Finance Ministry) for approval. After obtaining all the above approval only, Postal Board will prepare the Cabinet note and submit the proposal for approval of Cabinet.

Knowing very well that this is the procedure, the recognised GDS Union is creating confusion among the GDS employees. The indefinite strike notice and postponement without any concrete result was a drama to cheat the GDS. The very same General Secretary of recognised GDS Unions who earlier used to criticize other unions/Federation for postponing the strike is now going on postponing the strike again and again. After postponing the strike the GS of recognised GDS Union is advising the GDS that – “all these procedures are compulsory that will take more than a month or so”, Then why indefinite strike is declared from 25th April 2017 ? The Recognised GDS Union could not do anything, eventhough the Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report on GDS was submitted on 24th November 2016 (four months back). Now the recongised GDS Union has requested Postal Board to Postpone GDS membership verification fearing withdrawal of recognition after verification.

The Central Working Committee of AIPEU-GDS is being held at Trivandrum (Kerala) on 5th May 2017. Federal Executive of NFPE being held at New Delhi on 12th May 2017. These meetings will take decision for continued agitational programmes for implementation of positive recommendations of GDS Committee report including strike. All GDS employees are requested to strengthen AIPEU-GDS which is moving jointly with NFPE for early implementation of GDS Committee Report.

Yours faithfully,

(P. Pandurangaraon)
General Secretary

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

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GDS Committee Report: Key Recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee

GDS Committee Report: Key Recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee

Kamlesh Chandra Committee submitted its report to the Government – Details of Recommendations

To examine the system of Branch Post Offices, engagement conditions, existing structure of allowances and all other welfare issues pertaining to Gramin Dak Sevaks, a one-man Committee under the Chairmanship of Shri Kamlesh Chandra, Retired Member Postal Services Board was set up. The Committee has submitted its report to the Government.

Details of the recommendations made by the Committee

The old system of payment of Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) is dispensed with and replaced with a new wage payment system. Under the new wage payment system, 11 TRCA slabs are subsumed into 3 Wage Scales with two Levels each for BPMs and for other than BPMs. One wage scale would be common for both the categories of GDSs.

The minimum working hours of GDS Post Offices and GDSs are increased to 4 hours from 3 hours.

The new working hours for GDS Post Offices will be 4 hours and 5 hours only.

The Level 1 GDS Post Offices / GDSs will have 4 hours as working hours and Level – 2 will have 5 hours as working hours.

The Point System for assessment of workload of BPMs has been abolished.

The new wage payment system is linked to revenue generation of GDS Post Offices. Under the new system, there will be no increase in wages of BPMs from Level -1 to Level -2 on the basis of workload but the same will be increased based on achievement of prescribed revenue norms which is fixed at 100% for normal areas and 50% for special areas.

The GDS Post Offices not achieving the prescribed revenue norm within the given working hours will have to open GDS Post Offices for minimum of additional 30 minutes beyond the prescribed working hours.

The GDS BPMs will be paid Revenue Linked Allowance @10% beyond level-2 wage scale if they will be successful in achieving revenue beyond prescribed norms

The GDS Post Offices have been categorized into A, B; C and D categories based on the revenue generation norms. The GDS Post Office in A category will achieve 100% revenue norm. The Committee has recommended a set of actions for each category of GDS Post Offices.

The six approved categories of GDSs are subsumed into two categories only. One category will be Branch Post Master and all other 5 categories of GDSs are subsumed into one Multi Tasking Category.

The GDSs working in the GDS Post Offices will be known as Assistant Branch Post Master (ABPMs) and those working in the Departmental Post Offices will be known as Dak Sevak (DS).

The minimum wage has been increased to Rs. 10000/- per month and maximum pay to Rs. 35480/- per month.

The rate of annual increase is recommended as 3%.

A Composite Allowance comprising of support for hiring accommodation for GDS Post Offices as well as mandatory residence, office maintenance, mobile and electricity usage charges etc. has been introduced for the first time.

Children Education Allowance @Rs. 6000/- per child per annum has been introduced for GDSs.

Risk & Hardship Allowance @Rs. 500/- per month for GDS working in the special areas has also been introduced.

A Financial upgradation has been introduced at 12 years, 24 years and 36 years of services in form of two advance additional annual increases.

The Ceiling of ex-gratia gratuity has been increased from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 5,00,000

The GDS Contribution for Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) should be enhanced maximum up to 10% and minimum up to 3% of the basic wage per month, whereas the Department should contribute a fixed contribution of 3% of the basic wage of the GDSs.

The coverage of GDS Group Insurance Scheme has been enhanced from Rs. 50000/- to Rs. 5,00,000/

The contribution of Department in Circle Welfare Fund (CWF) has been increased from Rs. 100/ per annum to Rs. 300/ per annum.

The scope of CWF is extended to cover immediate family members such as spouse; daughters, sons and dependent daughters in law in the scheme.

The Committee also recommended 10% hike in the prescribed limits of financial grants and assistances in the Circle Welfare Funds.

The Committee has recommended addition of Rs. 10,000/ for purchase of Tablet / Mobile from the Circle Welfare in the head “Financial Assistance of Fund by way of loans with lower rate of interest (5%)”.

Provision of 26 weeks of Maternity Leave for women GDS has been recommended.

The wages for the entire period of Maternity Leave is recommended to be paid from salary head from where wages of GDSs are paid.

The Committee has also recommended one week of paternity leave.

Leave accumulation and encashment facility up to 180 days has been introduced.

Online system of engagement has been recommended.

Alternate livelihood condition for engagement of GDSs has been relaxed.

Voluntary Discharge scheme has been recommended.

The Discharge age has been retained at 65 years.

The Limited Transfer Facility has been relaxed from 1 time to 3 times for male GDSs. There will be no restriction on number of chances for transfer of women GDSs. The powers for transfer has been delegated to the concerned Divisional head.

The ex-gratia payment during put off period should be revised to 35% from 25% of the wage and DA drawn immediately before put off.

The Committee has recommended preferring transfer before put off duty

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Delay in publishing GDS Committee Report – NFPE

Delay in publishing GDS Committee Report


National Federation of Postal Employees
All India Postal Employees Union GDS
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001

Phone: 011.23092771

Mob: 9868819295/9810853981


No. PF-01(e)/2016

Dated: 09th January-2017



1) All General Secretaries
and Office Bearers

2) All Circle/Divisional
Secretaries NFPE.

3) All Circle/Divisional Secretaries AIPEU GDS

Dear Comrades,

As you are aware the GDS Committee Report was submitted to the Government on 24th November 2016 by the Kamalesh Chandra Committee. NFPE conducted two days protest demonstration on 5th & 6th December 2016 demanding immediate publishing of the Report.

Secretary, Department of Posts categorically assured Secretary General NFPE that Report will be published after 31st December 2016. But even after 31st December, till this day, Report is not published.

Entire Postal Employees are agitated over the unjustified delay in publishing the Report.

NFPE Federal Secretariat has decided to commence INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST infront of Dak Bhawan , New Delhi from 18th January 2017 from 10 AM onwards demanding immediate publishing of GDS Committee Report.

Secretary General all General Secretaries NFPE and General Secretary AIPEU GDS / available Office Bearers will sit on hunger fast.

All Circle/Divisional Secretaries of NFPE/AIPEU GDS are requested to conduct protest demonstrations in front of all offices from 18th January onwards.

Please give wide publicity among all employees, especially among GDS employees

Secretary General NFPE.

General Secretary AIPEU GDS

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