Railways: Relieving of staff on transfer on mutual exchange basis


Relieving of staff on transfer on mutual exchange basis

RBE No. 65/2018



New Delhi, dated 09.05.2018

The General Manager(P)s,
All Zonal Railways & Production Units.
(As per standard list).

Sub : Relieving of staff on transfer on mutual exchange basis.

Instructions were issued vide Board’s letter of even number dated 15.09.2017 ( R.B.E. No. 130/2017) advising Zonal Railways and Production Units to spare staff awaiting mutual transfer where the requests had been accepted by both the Railways/Production Units. Detailed guidelines were subsequently issued under Board’s letter of even number dated 22.09.2017 (R.B.E. No. 131/2017) regulating the process of mutual transfer stipulating time limit for each step involved therein.

2. In partial modification of instructions contained in Board’s letter No. ERP/Portalm-Transfer/2013 dated 30.042014 stipulating that once the mutual transfer order is issued the senior person should be relieved first, it has now been decided by the CRB that all mutual transfer cases where NOC has been given by both the Railways/Units i.e. accepting and relieving, both the employees should be spared immediately within a week, without either unit waiting for the reliever.

3. A photocopy of Service Record and unvetted LPC should be given to the employee for submission at the new Division. Original Service Records/LPC should also be sent positively within 15 days.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Hindi version will follow.

(M.K. Meena)
Deputy Director Estt (N) Railway Board

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