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Dues/Outstanding against the Retiree Allottee

Dues/Outstanding against the Retiree Allottee


No.5/23/2013-RR Cell

New Delhi, dated : 8th November, 2016


Subject : Dues/Outstanding against the Retiree Allottee – regarding.

Each Allottee has been allotted a unique Allottee Account Number (AAN) for the purpose of posting of licence fee recovery online through the DDO concerned. As soon as the recoveries as posted by the DDOs, they get automatically reflected in the rent card of the allottee. It is mentioned that a system generated software for Rent Assessment is available on the website of Directorate of Estates. The Retiree Allottee can view the Online Licence fee details in respect of the Quarter allotted to them, on the Website of the Directorate of Estates i.e. or, by logging their ID & Password given by this Directorate, wherein they can get Provisional Rent Assessment details/certificate and can examine/verify the dues pending/outstanding etc. against them and can also obtain the dues position through self or DDO concern.

If any dues or outstanding amount are found, the retiree Allottee should approach their DDO concern urgently and get updated the same, by remitting online posting of Licence fee recoveries in their AAN number on the portal of GPRA. A system generated notification has been generated on the screen of Allottees, to view all the details of the Quarters allotted to them and rent assessed and collected/reported.

Deputy Director (Rent)


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