Submission of response on alleged irregularities through proper channel


CGDA: Submission of response on alleged irregularities through proper channel

Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-110010

No. AN-1/1184/394

Date: 27.11.2018

All PCsDA/CsDA/PIFAs/PCA (Fys)/ CFA (Fys)

Subject: Submission of response on alleged irregularities through proper channel.

As per existing provisions of vigilance manual, during the preliminary enquiry the public servant concerned is given an opportunity to say what he has to say about the allegations leveled against him to find out if he is in a position to give any satisfactory information or explanation. Thereafter, further course of action is taken by competent authority.

2. During examination of certain cases received from Ministry/ OFB/ CVC, it has been observed that concerned officials submitted their response directly to authorities outside department by whom the version was sought for. In such cases facts of the cases are not intimated to the department. In the absence of complete details of the case, processing of the case at later stage becomes complicated.

3. In this regard it is reiterated that whenever, any official of this organization is directed to submit his/her response on alleged irregularities by any other department/agency, the concerned official should submit his/her response through proper channel i.e through CsDA/PCsDA/PIFAs/PCA (Fys) to the CGDA for onward

4. Strict compliance to aforesaid procedure may be ensured.

(Juhi Verma)

Source: CGDA

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