7th CPC Military Brochure – Level of Ranks : Officers (Except MNS)


7th CPC Military Brochure – Level of Ranks : Officers (Except MNS)PART I : PAY


1.1. Level of Ranks.

All ranks are placed at various levels as per New Pay Structure. Level of Ranks are determined in accordance with the various levels as assigned to the corresponding existing Pay Band and Grades’ Pay or scale as specified in the Pay Matrix.


1.2. Level of Ranks : Offrs. Level of Ranks for all offrs, incl those from AMC, ADC and RVC but excluding MNS are as under:-

(a) Lieutenant – Level 10

(b) Captain – Level 10B

(c) Major – Level 11

(d) Lieutenant Colonel – Level 12A

(e) Colonel – Level 13

(f) Brigadier – Level 13A

(g) Major General – Level 14

(h) Lieutenant General (HAG) – Level 15

(j) Lieutenant General (HAG+) – Level 16

(k) VCOAS & Army Cdrs (Apex) – Level 17

(l) COAS – Level 18

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